Clinical and Counseling Psychology


Clinicaland Counseling Psychology

Clinicaland Counseling Psychology

Theessay seeks to presentan article review in psychology. The article of choice is inclinical and counselingpsychology in America. Psychology is broad and encompasses clinicalpsychology, which is the specialty that offers unceasing support bothmentally and behaviorally in individuals and families. On thecontrary, counselingpsychology is keener on emotional, educational and organizationalconcerns of people.The specialty plays a vitalrole inenhancing personal and interpersonalwell- being ofan individual.Psychology is presented as a science whereby findings are discussedatlength about the relationship to the uniqueness of the twospecialties as well as the impact they have in its professionality(Neimey et al., 2011).

Thereason as to why I focused on this topic is because the field isversatile with different work premises for each specialty. Anindividual has an opportunity to work in variousenvirons such as hospitals and schools. Also,there are opportunities foridentifying potential needs and diagnosis and cure of clients,therefore,promoting their well-being. Professional roles linked to bothclinical and counselingpsychology are:

Research:as a psychologist, one can conductresearch or scientific experiments regarding cognitive, behavioral oremotional issues that affect children,for example,developmental disorder (Neimeyet al., 2011).Moreover, as a team, one can write and publish scientific papers. Inthis specialty, a person can offer services in private practice as anindividual, as a child psychologist or as a group practice. Itentailsgiving an assessment,diagnosis,and psychotherapy services topeople. Another reason as to why I focused on this topic is tohighlight and clarify the distinction between the two specialtiesclinical and counselingpsychology. The psychological theoretical perspective presented inthe article which is of interest to me is that both specialties asmuch as they are distinct, they work in sync and interactively forthe betterment of optimal health and patient care.


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