College Transfer Essay Southern Methodist University


CollegeTransfer Essay: Southern Methodist University

CollegeTransfer Essay: Southern Methodist University

SouthernMethodist University (SMU) is the perfect institution of higherlearning that matches my personality, intellectual ability, andcreativity. Personally, I usually use my inner intuition to makelogical decisions that enable me to find lasting solutions toproblems that come my way. A historical figure that reflects mypersonality, values, and aspirations is Albert Einstein. I stronglybelieve that Southern Methodist University will mould and help medevelop the traits that Albert Einstein had.

AlbertEinstein’s aspirations, values, and talents centered on innovationand problem solving. Such attributes enabled him to solve complexissues systematically. Einstein’s cognitive abilities focusedmainly on flexibility and thinking outside the box. Notably, this waspossible because he used a multi-faceted approach to find solutionsthat eluded many. One of Einstein’s key values was patience thisvirtue enabled him to achieve goals he had set earlier in his life.Therefore, Einstein’s intellectuality, ability, talents, values,and creativity reflect my personality. Like Einstein, I valuepatience and innovation. I usually opt to solve problems using astep-by-step method. Such an approach ensures a problem is solvedthoroughly. Concerning flexibility, I believe that rigidity worksagainst creative thinking. As such, I often leave room for futureimprovement in most aspects that I do.

Thecore values, principles, and academic environment of South MethodistUniversity will help me to develop the traits that Einstein had. Thereason for this is that this institution expands and impartsknowledge through practical teaching and research. SMU is committedto academic freedom, excellence, and upholds important moral values.For this reason, this university will shape my intellectual andprofessional skills that will enable me to become a global problemsolver. Furthermore, the students and staff of Southern MethodistUniversity will provide the necessary support for improving mypersonality.

Toconclude, Albert Einstein’s aspirations, values, creativity, andpersonality reflect my talents and traits. Notably, this historicalfigure embraced creative thinking and patience. These are the virtuesI uphold. South Methodist University will help me to develop thetraits of Einstein since this institution is committed to impartingpractical knowledge to students.