Comparing and Contrasting Sculpture


Comparingand Contrasting Sculpture


Comparingand Contrasting Sculpture

Puryearand Serra are some of the widely researched artists of their era.Perhaps, this is because researchers often compare and contrast theseartists using a range of characteristics including material used aswell as subject matter. Yet, a closer inspection would reveal bothartists as revolutionist in their own right. Even as people engage indebate over Puryear and Serra, these artists can be contrasted andcompared using certain characteristics.

M.Puryear and R. Serra compare in terms of materials because bothartists never were essentialists in this aspect, as well as onsubject matter. Indeed, both artists did not follow in anyone’sfootsteps, but sought to exercise freedom in terms of materials usedand working practice. In addition, the scale of their works comparesin their giant scale and artistic intent, which reveals that theywanted their work to transform minimalism to a theater form.Influences for Puryear and Serra’s work stemmed out of process art,which in turn was based on action painting concept in which theemphasis was on the significance on the process of creating art(Elderfield, 2006). This signified a marked shift from art beingviewed in terms of artwork itself.

Thetwo artists contrast in terms of materials, with Serra relying onpre-fabricated industrial material as well as manufacturing processesin assembling large-scale and site specific installations.Conversely, Puryear utilized different wood varieties fornon-monumental artwork, which required knowledge related to joineryas well as other non-art craftsmanship characteristics. Their workingpractice also differed with Puryear adopting such values assensitivity toward material, which Serra did not reveal in hisworking practice. In terms of scale, the two artists contrast withSerra showing propensity at making rather huge works that dwarfedhumans, while Puryear did not show such aptitude. In addition,Puryear’s artistic intent contrasted to that of Serra in that hiswork shifted between sculpture and modern art, which means hisintention did not match Serra’ s minimalism concept. Influences fortheir work differ with Puyear drawing on methods of carpentry whereasSerra was influenced by steel mills.

Inconclusion, this paper has evidenced that Puryear and Serra compareand contrast in equal measure. In fact, characteristics such asmaterials as well as their source of inspiration can be used tocompare and contrast them. The implication is that both artistsemerge as alike and different in their work, and perhaps peopleshould concentrate on appreciating the works.


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