Comparing two short stories

Comparingtwo short stories


Comparingtwo short stories

Bulletin the brain

Thisis a story that revolves around the character of Anders. The authoruses the short narrative to portray his ability to keep the readerinterested enough to continue reading even when the story appears tohave ended. The tale begins when Anders finds himself caughtin-between an ongoing bank robbery. He presents the character of aperson who is ignorant of the crisis around him. Even with the threatof having a gun pointed at him, he remains unmoved, and this makeshim unattractive for any reader. However, the author changes thisperception after he is short by availing humanizing attributes forAnders (Wolff, 2014). This makes readers change their perceptionsabout the main character and even pity him.

Agood man is hard to find

Thestory revolves around a family that is taking a vacation in EastTennessee against the wishes of the grandmother who prefers to go toFlorida. As the main character, the author presents her as a personwho loves to be in control and have her way. She uses the issue of anescapee Misfit to try and change the minds of her son and his family,but this does not work. While on the trip, she manipulates thechildren to visit an old mansion where she claimed she had lived(O`connor, 1977). Though she realized that she had misled them, shedoes not admit the mistake and this led to their coming into contactwith the Misfit and his henchmen resulting in the death of allmembers of the family.

Similaritiesand differences between the two stories

Thetwo books are similar in several ways. For instance, both talespresent main characters whose conviction and lack of considerationfor others lead to violence. In bullet in the brain, the constantcriticism of the robber by Anders result in him being shot in thehead. Similarly, in a good man is hard to find, the refusal by thegrandmother to admit that she had mistaken the location of themansion leads to their encounter with the Misfit where all members ofthe family are killed (O`connor, 1977). In both these instances theviolence occurred as a result of actions by the main characters. Theother similarity is that there is some deception on the part ofauthors. In O’Connor’s tale, the grandmother uses the issue of aMisfit to try and change the plan of the family. However, in the end,it is evident that she was the Misfit and it was due to her actionsthat the entire family met their demise. Similarly, Wolff creates anunlikable character for Anders at the beginning of the story (Wolff,2014). However, this perception changes after he is shot and theauthor presents the tale in a manner that makes the reader come tolike the character of Anders.

Thoughthere are some similarities as shown above, these books also differedin some areas. For example, they vary in the plot used by the author.In the story a good man is hard to find, O’Connor follows atraditional approach where there is a flow of ideas and a concludingevent at the end of the story (O`connor, 1977). However, bullet inthe brain follows a different plot and presents the climax of thestory right at the centre when the main character is shot (Wolff,2014). In a traditional approach, the story would have ended here,but the author continues to write, and this makes it a uniqueapproach to writing.


Fromthe above analysis, it is evident that different writers havedifferent ways of presenting their ideas. It is thus important forlearners to ensure they are keen while reading such stories in orderto appreciate the creativity and value that different authors have tooffer to the field of literature.


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