Compassionate Nursing




Nursingis a profession that demands much dedication, attention, hope, hardwork and above all, compassion. Compassion in nursing has asignificant role to play in the delivery of the service asillustrated by Bickmann (2016) in the account of the ‘rock star’nurse Dr. Jean Watson. The founder of Watson Caring Science Instituteand also the former president of the National League for Nursing (The(Channels 2016), Dr. Jean was giving a lecture to City Collegestudents on the importance of compassion in nursing. According toher, nursing is not only a study of human health, but also the studyof people. For her numerous achievements worldwide travels educatingpeople on the evolution of western medicine and focus on the impactof compassion in nursing, Ann Marie Kopeikin, City College vocationalnursing director, labeled her a ‘rock star` and a ‘living legend`(Bickmann, 2016).

Accordingto Watson, contemporary nursing looks at patients as a ‘task’instead of human beings because nursing has become depersonalized.She went further by stating that this situation has to change.According to her, more lives would be saved through a compassionateapproach to nursing (Bickmann, 2016). It is consequently necessarythat the students grow along with the changes in the nursingprofession to keep up with the changes that Dr. Watson minded peopleare working to promote. City College is weighing the prospect ofincorporating the doctor’s teaching to their nursing curriculum.Micha Wallen, a nursing student at the college, described Dr. Watsonas having a different perspective. Dr. Watson stresses theimportance of compassion in nursing by saying that its readoptioninto nursing is ‘a matter of life and death.`


  1. Do you believe that compassionate nursing can save more lives? Explain.

  2. What is the importance of compassionate nursing from the patient’s perspective?


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