Concept of “good to eat”

Conceptof “good to eat”


Conceptof “good to eat”

Healthyeating is vital for the body organs and tissues to efficientlyperform metabolic activities, as well as maintain a healthycondition. There are varieties of food choices that people opt totake in ensuring improved health and increased energy[ CITATION Atk16 l 1033 ].Someof the recommended healthy foods to eat include fruits and berries,fish and seafood, nuts, vegetables, and dairy. However, processedfoods such as pasta, yogurt, canned tuna, deli meat, and frozen pizzashould be eaten in moderation to prevent health complications.

Haveyou ever thought about why you do or do not eat something? Is yourchoice beyond the issue of taste?

Thereare myriad reasons why people prefer certain foods to others.Research studies indicate that food has an ethnic and culturalsymbolism[ CITATION Mau16 l 1033 ].Individual consumption of food has changed over the time as socialand cultural aspects take a turn. Some cultures are associated withparticular norms and traditions including the type of food consumedand eating habits. For instance, people tend to associate Italy withpasta and pizza[ CITATION Mau16 l 1033 ].The choice of food taken is usually beyond its taste. People adoptand adjust to various lifestyles and eating behaviors depending onthe social environment. There are various foodways across the worldbased on different cultures. Cultural background has a predominantrole in the type of food people consume in a particular region.

Canyou think about some foods that we avoid in the USA and whatpractical reason that may serve?

Accordingto nutritionists and health professionals, certain foods need to bekept at bay so as to prevent health problems and conditions such asobesity and diabetes. It is advisable that people choose their dietappropriately to avoid the intake of high calories, sugar, and fats[ CITATION Cho14 l 1033 ].Some of the foods that should occasionally be consumed include cakes,chocolates, French fries, ice cream, soft drinks, and alcohol, amongothers. The foods and beverages aforementioned ought to be consumedin limited quantities to avoid health complications.


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