Constitution of Arizona


The Constitution of Arizona wascreated during the Progressive era.As a result, it was influenced by thistime, which made it different from otherlaws. The progressive movement impactedenhancing democracy representation on the constitution. The laws orarticles made were framed on issuesreflecting the interests of the people. Since 1912, the State ofArizona has upheld its law (Leshy, 2012).However, it has been amended severally toconform to necessary changes over the years.

Among the major areas addressed in the constitution are rights andprivileges. In 1912 women were allowed to vote and participate inchoosing leaders. There is also the provisionof other forms of election such as electing senators (Arizona, 2013).Education was declared free in all public schools within the state.It was a guarantee that every child wouldbe educated and have an opportunity of being successful in life.

The Arizona Constitution is also keen on detailing the declaration ofrights. These are important to the people because they are entitledto enjoy them. Although the Supreme Court had not ruled on thesestatements by the time of the creation of the Constitutionof Arizona, the people were entitled to them since the U.SConstitution applies to Arizona (Hansen,2014).

According to the Constitution of Arizona,judges can be impeached as well as berecalled (Leshy, 2012). Apart from judges, other elected officialscould also be removed from office if there are compelling reasons todo so. This article was created because thepeople at the time believed that the government should be accountableto its population.

The impact of the progressive movementshaped the life of Arizona State at that time of its creation andeven in the present day. It improved life and democracy among thepeople and their leaders.


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