Consumer Experience Management


ConsumerExperience Management

Currently, consumer experience management (CEM) has become animportant part of every organization. Companies today face decreasedcustomer loyalty as well as increased costs of client acquisition. Inthis regard, it is critical that every company develops anappropriate customer experience strategy that ensures superiorconsumer experience at every stage of their interaction. The paperfocuses on various factors that affect customer experience at CalvinKlein Inc. and offers a strategic plan that incorporates all theaspects mentioned above to ensure the development of a proper clientexperience management for the company. Accordingly, adequate consumerexperience strategy is pivotal to the success of any service firm,especially in the fashion industry.

Calvin Klein is aglobal company in the fashion industry known for its lifestylebrands. The company`s products indicate bold, progressive ideas, aswell as a seductive and in most cases, minimal aesthetics of businessproducts. Calvin Klein brands include its Collection, Platinum,Jeans, and underwear products. The company sells the differentproduct at both domestic and international levels, at various pricesand channels of distribution to diverse target consumer groups.Notably, the Calvin Klein brand is also licensed for other productcategories, such as watches, fragrance, women`s apparels, and jewelryin different parts of the globe. The business applies a tieredtrademark policy to provide an engrossed and constant tactic towarduniversal brand progress and development. The organization has madeconsiderable efforts to ensure stronger customer relationship as wellas the brand image in the market.

The consumerbehavior in different parts of the world indicates persistentdynamism, hence every Calvin Klein Inc. requires to develop strongcustomer relationships to place its product brands a separatemarketing uniqueness, and position, so as preserves the status andimage of the company brands (Clutier, 2013). The current marketplaceis mature and hyper-competitive, thus making various goods, andservices appear virtually indistinguishable, and competition isbasically on the price (Zeithaml, Bitner, &amp Gremler, 2008). Themajority of target consumers are more demanding, well informed, andlook for personalized products that satisfy their needs. In thisregard, elaborate market research is mandatory, since, through this,the company can learn and understand consumer needs, thus customizingtheir products according to such demands, hence leading to a longlasting relationship between the enterprise and its customers(Zeithaml, Bitner, &amp Gremler, 2008). It is apparent that qualityalone is insufficient for the success of any company. Therefore, thebusiness requires regular research to identify their motives andopinions regarding various products and blend them to ensure loyalty,referrals, repeat businesses, and passionate advocacy as well as thepreference of the company’s product brands.

Most best-in-class companies always strive to build a lastingrelationship with their customers alongside the provision of superiorproducts. In this regard, Calvin Klein has placed a focus ondeveloping a relationship with its clients and maintaining suchrelationships for long term commitments. The corporation has madesignificant efforts to retain its commitment to customers. First, thecompany has improved the quality of its products throughinnovativeness. Accordingly, Calvin Klein has done its customers’part of business development through the improvement of products thatsatisfies various buyers’ needs. Therefore, to efficiently achievea healthy customer relationship, the company should adoptrelationship marketing to ensure an improved affiliation with theconsumers (Stelzner, &amp Smith, 2012). Currently, it is expensiveto look for new clients. Henceforth, the companies have changed theirstrategies to enable them to build a healthy relationship with oldcustomers. Former shoppers, in most cases, introduces new customersto the enterprise`s products and offer new ideas and innovation thathelps the company to improve the value of its goods and services,hence this ensures a stronger client relationship. By attaining ahealthy customer experience, the business should define and improvethe quality of its complete range of products, communicate and testnew business brand, motivate and sustain employee commitment,coordinating marketing operations, and efforts, price setting, andstandardize and personalize their trademarks to match the changingcustomer needs.

Most organizationsalways face service or product failures in the course of theiroperations. Therefore, it becomes critical for the company to make aquick recovery from service failures to build customer loyalty.According to White (2011), consumers react differently regardingproduct or service failures depending on their brand connection. Forinstance, some take action, such as reporting to the provider,complaining to family and friends, or to the third party, whileothers do nothing and either switches or stays with the vendors.Calvin Klein as a company that operates in a highly dynamicenvironment should develop strategies that ensure faster servicerecovery (Zeithaml, Bitner, &amp Gremler, 2008). For instance, theyought to undertake regular market research to determine the actualcustomer needs and study the changes in consumer patterns, thusmanufacturing products that meet the client needs, and this willprevent possible failures. Moreover, the company should offer aftersale services and contact centers, so as to collect customer feedbackand receive complaints from them. Finally, the company should provideproduct guarantees to the customers and offer warranties where goodsand services fall short of such customer assurances.

In conclusion, consumer experience management is essential in anyorganization. As discussed above, it is evident that proper customerexperience management and a company that listens to its clientsthrough the market and product research builds a strong relationshipwith its consumers. In this regard, Calvin Klein should build astrong relationship with its consumers throughout standardization andpersonalization of its products to meet various customers’ needs.Additionally, it should undertake competitive market research andinnovation, and implement proper service recovery mechanisms tomaintain the image of the company brand and improve customersatisfaction in the rapidly changing market environment. Accordingly,the discussion indicates that adequate consumer experience strategyis pivotal to the success of any service firm, especially in thefashion industry.


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