Containment of Ebola Patients

Containmentof Ebola Patients

Fellowcitizens, this evening I am before you to discuss a critical issuewhich is the ethics behind the isolation and containment of Ebolainfected patients. As we all know the disease has no cure and itsprevalence and death rate is very high. Because of this there is needto isolate the persons infected by the disease. Following the RITEoperations, it is proof that containment is the best and onlysolution. Statistics taken from the isolation strategy and the RITEprogram in Liberia shows that the death rate had been lowered, chainsof transmission had decreased and three times as many patients hadbeen isolated and were receiving treatment. This statisticsdemonstrates the success that isolation has had in Liberia, and thesame is being replicated in other countries in West Africa (Centrefor Disease Control and Prevention, 2016).

Isolationof patients is not the solution. When an individual is sick, theyneed care and love from loved ones together with caregivers.Isolation means that the patients feel alone during their most tryingtime. Isolation also comes with a hopelessness which could act as adeterrent to the patient. There is also the cost incurred withcontainment which is very expensive. Isolation also means that thereis delayed care to the patients given the limitation of caregivers toconcentrate on one point given the risk infection that could besuspected in other areas.

Witha fatality rate of around 50%, Ebola Virus disease is a killer. Forany contagious disease with such a high death rate, isolation is theonly way I would advocate. Isolation will ensure that individuals whoare affected are in a position to get specialized care. Patients willalso be studied well when in isolation and their progress noted.Prevention is better than cure and containment is crucial inpreventing a disease that is highly contagious. Finally, given theinadequacy of specialized caregivers, it would be ideal to isolatethe affected patients for them to get the right care


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