Correctional Professional Misconduct and Responses


CorrectionalProfessional Misconduct and Responses

CorrectionalProfessionalMisconduct and Response

Asa prison counselor in a co-ed prison, there should be a highlevel of perception of legitimacy practices between the co-workersand offenders in an institution. Staffs should practice fairness,respect, and neutrality and create trustworthy to the criminals.Whenan officer pat on a female prisoner.It’s an illegal practice since the screaming obscenities at theoffice indicates the riseof anything unpleasant to principles for example pornography, sexualharassment,and exposed activities like dancing naked(Hill, 2009).

Inthis case, obscenity will be evident since the officer will tend tocorrupt the public’s moral by its vulgarity thus no misconceptionbetween the two. In such a scenario, law should be followed byeducating the officers on their duties. On theother hand,the prisoners should be aware of their rights. Trainingthe officers will increase confidentiality to the citizens. Thenation relies on state and regional prison to help and facilitatepublic safety, discipline and offer fairpunishment to lawbreakers(Hall, 2016).

Incase I was the president of United Statesand was forced to shoot people purporting to be terrorist an actthat will kill almost 353 passengers, then I might base my decisionon facts, option,and the intended goal. White Housestands asa symbol of democracy not only inthe USbut the entireworld. Despite the UnitedStatesbeing a President’splace of work, rest,and privacy, it is also a setof top branch government executive and ionic consign for the civildissertation(The President of the United States lives in a National Park, 2014).Therefore, I will agree with the decision of shooting down the planebasing on the fact that the white house and Pentagon havehighimpact to United States and the whole world than the aircraftwith 353 passengers. Also,the two houses contain vital system such as computers where relevantinformation isstored.Storming a white house will also decrease the confidentiality ofother nations towards the UnitedStatesduetoits Superpower.

Lastly,I would still agree with the decision I made earlier. The militaryshould shootthe airplane down,since itwould be heading to the statueof liberty or towards an athletic stadium, which will still createhuge impact if not shoot down by the military(History of Statue of Liberty, 2016).


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