In today’s workplace, directors have a responsibility of ensuringthat their employees are contended with their duties. Jobsatisfaction can be achieved by focusing on the tasks and workingconditions of the staff as it directly influences their performance.The paper seeks to discuss how a manager within an organization canapply one of the correlated variables to increase job satisfaction.

Among the variables that correlate with job satisfaction, motivationcan increase the employee contentment as it has a positive andmoderate strength of the relationship. Managers need to continuouslymotivate their staff so that they attain the set goals and objectives(Lauby, 2015). Motivation also enables the management to improvetheir relations with their workers as they get to focus on thepersonal needs and issues affecting the staff.

As a manager, one of the actions that can be undertaken to facilitatemotivation among employees is by rewarding their performance. Thework goals that a company develops tend to have timelines. Hence,when the time is due, the management can award marks based on theiroutput, where those with the highest scores are recognized and givenawards. Such an action shall cultivate a competitive culture withinthe organization as each employee shall aim at being recognized fortheir efforts (Lauby, 2015). Encouraging open communication and freeinteractions with the employees also motivates them. The attentionand regular meetings enable the workers and the administration todevelop a connection where they get to share ideas, and discuss theconcerns and complaints that arise in the workplace. The staff canalso be motivated by giving them a platform to advance their career(Lauby, 2015). For instance, when a senior post becomes vacant, ajunior employee can be promoted to the position allowing them toenhance their skills, abilities, and even encounter challenges.Hence, when the employees are motivated, they become fully satisfiedwith their work.


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