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Correlates of Job Satisfaction

In any organization, employees need to besatisfied with their job. Therefore, employee satisfaction comesabout as a result of combining some factors (Kreitner&amp Kinicki, 2012). As a manager, I willemphasize on promoting work values as a major factor in employeesatisfaction. This paper focuses on the actions I will take as amanager to promote work values as a variable in job satisfaction.

Creating Conducive Working Conditions forEmployees

As a manager in a given organization, I willensure that intrinsic values are provided to employees. I have tooptimize working conditions through providing a spacious workingarea, provide comfortable workstations, and ensure that lightingfacilities are standardized. I will also upgrade IT to help employeesfinish tasks efficiently. Additionally, I will make sure thatself-respect and respect for my employees are assured (Kreitner&amp Kinicki, 2012).

Providing advancement opportunity to employees

As part of the extrinsic value of employees, Iwill provide opportunities that honor employees. Such opportunitiesinclude awarding them through job promotion, giving them bonuses,and recognizing them through awards. I will ensure that in myorganization, job ranks, and responsibilities bring in jobspecialization. My organization will promote employees to acquiremore skills that give them promotion chances (Kreitner&amp Kinicki, 2012).

Releasing work stress.

I have to ensure that employees are not heavilyloaded with work and stressing deadlines to promote values that everyemployee is to be subjected. Distributing workload equitably to allemployees is essential. I will allow employees to engage in ownfamily development, involve in community development, and in sports.In conclusion, the above-discussed points promote work values andemployee satisfaction (Kreitner &ampKinicki, 2012).


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