Cover Girls New Cover Boy

Cover Girl’s New Cover Boy 3

CoverGirls New Cover Boy

Thelink is a newspaper article. The article is about a 17-year-old boywho is set to appear on the cover of cover girl magazine. It isextraordinary given that the boy, James, will be the first male everto appear on the all female magazine. Conflict theory comes about inthis article as the interviewee points out the gains that have beenachieved with such magazine breaking the boundaries of the definitionof gender. He points out that the discretions that existed in societyconcerning gender are being broken and that there is more equalityregarding race, gender, religion among other topics. Also, anotheraspect seen is Symbolic interaction theory. The argument brings outthe aspect of sociology in a bigger picture. On this, the culturalturns that have taken place over the years are seen. The theoryexplains how he is creating a different society with his actionswhich would be described as feminine and gives meaning to themwithout being affected by what society has to say. In the samecontext social network analysis comes to fore, showing how it ischanging things in society.

Iwould agree with the opinions in the article based on interactivedetermination concept. Agreement for the idea relies on the worldtoday where individuals have become more individualistic, where theycreate their environment and decide how it affects them. People whosubscribe to such circumstances created then join and if not they optfor other settings. It can also be noted that the definition of maleor female has taken a new aspect where society the boundary has beenbroken, and the definition cannot be based on attire and actions makeit hard for one to tell. In the end, Pygmalion effect comes intobeing and individuals will always go for self-fulfillment withregards to gender and the description of sex takes a new wholemeaning (Safronova, 2016).


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