Creating a New Organization

Creatinga New Organization

RewardGroup of Companies has entered the software development market whichis very dynamic and quite competitive and has decided to supplementthe hardware assembly firm they have with the software development tosucceed in the computer market. The study seeks to understand thebest type of leadership that should be adopted by a firm looking toexcel in the global market trading in both hardware and software.Being an innovative and dynamic digital era that is fast changing, itis only prudently proper to have leadership in place that seeks toensure Reward Company is set in a place where it is competitive andattractive in the global market. The form of leadership must becohesive and streamlined to have the impact that is desired.


RewardGroup of Companies is set to enter a new market and seeks to entrenchnew leadership style for the firm to be realistic in making its goalsachievable. For the company to excel in this new market, the traitsrequired as long as it is diverse in regards to polishing compositionare One, an active research and development team in place. That isbecause for an organization to thrive in the software business, itmust understand that much of the overhead costs are incurred throughresearching for customers` needs and demands. Those in the departmentshould be well trained and qualified with the necessary skills andinnovative brain to enhance value addition to the client. Secondly,technological advancement is critical for Reward Company to grow inthe long run. It should be accommodative and flexible for it to bemobilized for optimal productivity (Vikenburg, Jansen, Dries andPepermans, 2013). Thirdly, top performing organizations have a deepsense of responsibility for the local community within which theyserve. They may not impact an individual but the aggregate communitythrough environmental management and protection.

Theytake care of the environment and Reward Group of companies also takescare of it. Corporate social responsibility is another trait for agood company that seeks to be a top notch performer as they give backto the society with a clean heart and so do they enthusiasticallywork hard to perform well. According to Werder, Zobel, Maedche(2016), when a firm seeks to enter the software market, there must bereal leadership that is transformative and charismatic that isacceptable to all the stakeholders. A leader that is influential butnot self-serving, transformative and not too transactional and not apseudo transformative leader is what Reward Group of Companies needfor the upcoming task. It was found out that the leadership requiredfor the firm to grow and permeate the market with a good defensemechanism should be through inculcating transformative leadershipwith charisma which is influential and emotive in personality.


RewardGroup of Companies has identified the fact that various options asdiscussed earlier would work for them, but not all could function atthe same time. A decision has to be made which is critical and thusshall become a pillar of the company, and for it to function, it isthe component to support the whole project from production to successin the market. Software development for Reward is felt to be the onlyway out of strenuous financial flow the organization has beenexperiencing in the past to having a multiplicity of income (Klempinand Karp, 2015). Thus it is for a reason above that transformativeleadership with charisma has been chosen to take Reward aheadforthwith. The style of leadership is rational and considerate as theleader takes the time to listen to the team members, their needs, andtheir experiences. The rationality leads to the managers becomingvery helpful and inspirational to the subordinates in the bid to helpthem succeed.

Transformativeand charismatic leadership are also very authentic in the sense thatif Reward got such, he would be a role model to the juniors, as theyare very articulate, deemed to be experts in the area of operationsby those following in on the leaders. Those managers are activementors and role models who always have a unique view of issues andhave strong beliefs and virtues that they would love those comingafter them to follow. Also, charismatic executives have excellentcommunication skills and can articulate their high expected resultsand with confidence in their team members shows capacity in meetingthe desired expectations. Charisma allows those with it to arousework-related emotions, power, esteem and a strong sense ofaffiliation. All these qualities in leadership are the solution forReward Group of Companies to achieve the desired results as targetedby the senior directors.


Leadershipin business is the pillar for any business organization to make it inthe trading and transactional world. It is the decision-making organthat decides the agenda of the entity and how the same would beimplemented. Thus, it becomes a tall but achievable order to have theright leadership in place, a team of leaders who care, who mentor,who inspire and who influence those being led (Kreitner and Kinicki,2013). For Reward Company to move to the level, it is desired.Therefore, authentic and charismatic leadership has to be put inplace to run the entity. The dynamics in the software industrycoupled with the hardships encountered in the hardware assemblyground allow the employees to have inspiring individuals who have aserious take on morals and virtues that should be the following ofthe subordinates.

Further,leadership should be robust and firm on issues of quality andstandards set internationally. As such, those who would be vestedwith the responsibility to lead others should show authenticity andarticulate goals that are morally upright and show overtone. In theindustry where Reward Company operates to require a person inleadership who shows confidence and high self-esteem which goesfurther and deeper in making the team feel motivated to deliverresults. That makes the juniors feels accepted and thus becomeefficient and confident of themselves with the belief that they canachieve whatever purpose is set.


RewardGroup of Companies has identified a gap in the software market andwanted to couple the product with the hardware that it produces inthe computer segment. Thus the organization feels that it hasinsufficient capacity in the management team present to help the firmpermeate in the global market with the new product Reward is about tolaunch. Therefore, the company is seeking the indulgence of personnelwho came up with this paper for help in having the different kind ofleadership that will drive the enterprise to the long successful run.Transformative and charismatic style of leadership which is authentichas been identified to be best suiting the corporation for thefundamental reason being very supportive, rational, inspirational andmotivational to the junior officers. It also grants efficiency, andinternal feeling and drive that attaining the targets are possibleand even more.


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