Credit Card



Creditcards are invaluable tools not only for students but also for workingindividuals. The convenience that is experienced when using a creditcard can never compare with that of cash. For instance, it is saferto use a credit card. Nowadays, the use of a credit card has become anecessity to almost everyone because of his or her safety andreliability. In the U.S, the easiest ways to buy something is byusing credit. In spite of it is undisputed importance, its usage hasflaws. It is considerably hard to get a reliable credit cardprovider. Most credit card companies have managed to compel theirclients to pay much more fees at irrationally high-interest rates.

TheChase credit card is one of my favorite because of various reasons.One of the main reasons why the credit card works best for me istheir bonus policies. According to the company’s policy, theirclients are given $150 bonus after spending $500 in their first threemonths after opening an account. Besides, the card allows clients toearn unlimited 1.5 % cash back on every purchase done with the card(JPMorgan Chase &amp Co., 2016).

Asa student, it is considerably challenging to have money take fromyour account without any justified reason. Unlike most credit cardcompanies, Chase credit cards do not have an annual fee (JPMorganChase &amp Co., 2016). In essence, this feature makes the carduseful straightforward and handy to possess and use in any situation.

Tosum up the discussion, the simplicity of the card is one of the mainreasons why I like the Chase Credit card for my purchases. While itis risky for students to obtain credit cards due to high-interestrates imposed on them, I find it comfortable to operate with a Chasecredit card. 


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