Goalsof Crime Control

Felonycontrol and prevention is the first, and probably the most importantgoal of the criminal justice system in the United States. Thecriminal justice system does this by apprehending and punishingoffenders. The goal behind crime control is majorly curbing ofvillainy and protecting the society from lawbreakers. The systemstrives to lay an emphasis on the speedy arrest and prosecution ofthose committing crimes.

Thepolice department is the most prominent branch in the criminaljustice system. It is critical in protecting the public from crime intheir dwellings. The corrections structure is the part of the justicesystem that controls and prevents crime by keeping lawbreakers awayfrom the society. In addition, the rehabilitation system discouragesfuture crime by punishing offenders, reorienting them and deterringwould-be villains through taking tough incarceration measures (Barkan&amp Bryak, 2012).

SentencingKathy Doherty

KathyDoherty was arrested for cocaine possession and the police seized $3, 000 worth of stolen jewelry and $1, 200 in pilfered clothing. Shehad stolen these from a neighboring shopping mall so as to make moneyfor financing her drug habit. She has now been convicted on drugcharges, as well as felony possession of stolen property.

Thesentencing for the two crimes will be hefty despite the fact that sheis a first time offender. To start with, she has been convicted offelony charges which are considered very serious crimes in society.For the crime of possessing stolen property, Kathy will pay a fine of$ 5, 000, restitution of the total goods stolen and spend 6 months injail. Stealing is a serious felony, especially when a person obtainsthe goods with the intention to finance the worse habit of drugs. Thesentencing for possession of cocaine will be 36 months in jail forthe fact that she is a first time offender (Barkan &amp Bryjak,2012). The rationale for this is that it will allow her time to cleanup and avoid the vice in future, while also deterring others frompursuing such offenses.


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