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With regards to the tragic accident involving ourcruising ship, Costa Concordia on the 13thof January 2012 off the Tuscany’s Isola De Gigglio, Costa Cruiseswishes to pass her sincere most condolences to the families of thevictims who perished, who suffered emotional stress and many otherswhose state of mind may not have been expressed to us. Thisis a reassurance message from the company to the families, theauthorities, the concerned parties, our esteemed passengers and thegeneral population that uses shipping as its core means of transport. We wish to reaffirm that since the inception of Costa Cruises in1854, such a tragic accident has never beenwitnessed due to the standard measures that the companyemploys to secure its passengers and crew aboard the ships. It was amatter of human error that saw our Captain, Francesco Schettino, anexperienced and courteous individual whom the company held with highregards, make an unplanned cruise diversion that led the shipcrashing into a rock (Cruiser Liner Crash, 2013). However, hisemergency response was adherent to the standards directed by CostaCruises, a reason there were many lives saved even though we doacknowledge the deaths that occurred. The captain joined us in 2002and passed all the necessary high standard tests that we put to ouremployees resulting to his accreditation as Captain in 2006. Thenature of judgment he executed in making the decision was in no way adirective of the company. We wish to affirm to you that the leadprosecutor’s legal procedures shall be followedto the latter. Any summons and court proceedings that may require ourpresence shall be obeyed and we will availour legal officers for the same.

Our most credible message is from theofficial spokesperson employed by the company,and any other persons who may be speaking on our behalf are notrecognized. So please ignore their messages. The officialcommunications shall be passed through thebest-known television channels like CNN, AlJazeera, BBC and others. Any blogs meant to defame our name are notrecognized as well.

We wish to inform you that it is our priority to take fullresponsibility for the crew and thepassengers’ needs on board. First off, the accountability of thepassengers and the fear of environmental impacts shall be dealt withdiscretion, professionally and promptly. Tocurb this, we called upon the world’s best salvage company to helpin the development of a plan of action and setting up a protectionline around the ship. The authorities permitted us to access the boxthat contained recordings of the events that ensued during theaccident. With scrutiny and supervisionfrom the authorities, we will do an analysis of the box’s contentsso that full and reliable reports are deliveredto the satisfaction of our customers and concerned parties.

Even in the midst of tension and messages of heartbreak from themedia, our crew was determined, as well as swift, and helped evacuatemore than 4,000 passengers. We also have put down health measuresthat will ensure all the passengers have undergone a medicalexamination and their emotional status is assessedand necessary treatments will follow. Moreover, there is a priorityput on the compensation of the families of those who lost theirprecious lives and those who may have suffered mental and emotionalstress, unnecessary complications like miscarriages, and shock amongothers.

In conclusion, a Costa cruise prioritizes the security and safety ofits guests as well as the crew, andstandard measures have always been used inthe process. We assure you that we have taken full control of thesituation and we will always give quality services. Our cruises aresafe, and our customers can board. We willwork tirelessly to ensure that a tragedy like this does not reoccurin the future. Costa Cruises, CruisingItalian style, that’s more. Thank you.


Cruiser Liner Crash.(2013). Italy.