Culture and Personality


Cultureand Personality

Cultureand PersonalityIntroduction

Whenan individual embarkson a journey towards making attainments and achieving their goals,there is no doubt that they will be facing challenges and obstacles.Some of them will be small while others will tend to loom and seemsignificant (Balaratnasingamand Janca, 2016).The best way if I amin this situation I will face it and deal with the obstacle.

Dealingwith an obstacle to a goal

Ourreal disabilities come from inside us, as we try to attain goalsthere are many ways to be able to deal with such a situation. I wouldstay focussed on the positive aspects instead of concentrating on theobstacle. The tendency of focusing would let me have my goal aheadand thus get more energy to head for it to the end. I would nevergive up on having the dream alive in case of an obstacle aconsideration on the critical final goal would make me seek for asolution to the problem (, 2016).A quick analysis to the obstacle would prove on the aspect of eithertackling or seeka different way to the problem. When the barrier proves substantialand beyond my continuity, I would have a different way to the top byfocusing ahead.

Insome instance, one may be working with people of diverse culture, andthis would now take a different path to create an understanding. Theaspect of different culture will set a new platform for approach, andthis will be to understand who is making the decision as it is andmay take a different level of action to an obstacle (Rosenthal,, 2016).The art of learning values, attitudes as well as behaviorswould play a role in overcoming an obstacle. I would make a relationto each person as an individual which needs not to be a stereotype.


Inconclusion, it is a vital tendency to be able to understand differentcultures and personalities as it will be the line of action intackling an obstacle (Balaratnasingamand Janca, 2016).The character makes account of the significant aspect in place.


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