Dance Concert Review

DanceConcert Review


TheRussian Grand Ballet-Swan Lake

Theperformers at The Russian Grand Ballet-Swan Lake were extraordinarilyeffective in communicating its pure romanticism, poignant love story,and iconic Tchaikovsky score. The love story of the concert was basedon love and deception and Tchaikovsky’s. All the different manydancers used unique and distinct moves in communicating with theaudience, especially in the two intermissions. The dance has avariety of sections each with different moves.

Theperformance features the Russia’s brightest ballet stars. TheRussian grand ballet was founded by students who graduated from theGreat Russian choreographic schools of Moscow, St Petersburg, andKiev. The intimate setting of the many dancers was so appealing.First, there was the entrance of the swans. The dancers precededcarefully on the small stage with their white costumes. They had alot of vigor in their acting. One could not identify Russiansensibility. The costumes alone were unique. They had this bare bonesfeature. The arrangements were commendable. Rothbart’s gothiccastle, the evil sorcerer, came out of the spectacular rocks andsteamy lake. In the first part of the dance the male dance alone,after a few seconds they are joined by the female dancers. Before theladies dancers join, one cannot be too sure that it is a romanticdance. When the women enter the stay, they pair up, a male and afemale and continue dancing. The pairs have matching clothes whichmakes one to tell that they are couples automatically.

Thesecond part of the dance is even more spectacular. Only one man and awoman are dancing. The rest of the crew are standing watching. Thereis a lot of physical contact in the dance, and the dancers were ableto pass the message to the audience about the whole intention of thedance. The female dancer doesn’t go far away from the male dance,she goes some few steps away then finds her way back to his arms. Onecan almost fall in love with the whole dance. The music is soothing,and it is matching with the dance. The dancers are not too fastneither are they too slow. They go with the pace of the musicplaying. For me, the second part of the dance is the most incredibleone. There are a lot of slow motions which makes the audience followtheir moves and see where and how their bodies are moving. The thirdpart begins where there are only four ladies dancing while the restare standing waiting to be signaled to start dancing or ratherwaiting for their turns. The moves are so feminine and seductive atthe same time. When the rest of the dancers join the four, they allrhyme in their moves. Not even one is too slow or too fast. You canalmost think it is one person doing the whole dance.

Thefourth part of a dance begins as a sort of play. The dancers havechanged their costumes, and some of them are sited down. A maledancer blows a kiss to a female dancer who shies away from the stage.The dancers keep alternating their partners but for them to be ableto pass the message that it is a romantic dance, they ensure that amale and a female partner up. The girl engages in a dance that seemsto attract the male who in turn joins her. In choreography, thechoice of dancers determines how the audience will interpret theperformance. In this case, using two partners automatically passed amessage that the story in the dance is about love. The Long danceends with one of the male dancers handing over flowers to femaledancers who are a gesture of love and appreciation.

TheRussian Grand Ballet Swan Lake performance was all about love andromance. The dancers were successfully able to pass the message tothe audience through the use of male and female dancers as well asthe type of dance. There was physical touch as well as gestures oflove in the entire performance.