Darden Essay Description

DardenEssay Description

Themost valuable professional feedback I ever received focused on myability to perform multiple tasks at any given time. In the line ofexecuting my duties multitasking is a great skill you must employ toachieve higher goals. I always thought it was impossible to juggle onand handle multiple priorities as expected by the employer. Uponreceiving this feedback it came to my attention that multitaskingwas lowering my performance despite my competitive skill level. I gotinformed that my multitasking abilities were above par, though, in myline of work, I needed to employ more specialized skills. At first, Ifound it difficult to take on board the response, knowing thepressure that accompanied my duties. Further, I was informed that anintense concentration on complicated task was paramount and that mymulti-tasking tactics failed to meet the expected output. However,the feedback enlightens me of the dos and don’ts whilemultitasking.

Atthe reception, I answered phone calls, while at the same timegreeting visitors, welcoming them, and booking their name tags to thecentral office. In my response to the feedback, I truthfully andwillingly took the response as an aid to improve my multitaskingskills. It is at this point I made a point of ensuring I had to lay afocus on my area of expertise. In my line of work, I could jugglevarious activities including signing the visitor`s book, schedulingappointments and at the same time ushering in the clients.

Onthis note, in my attempt to multitask, I failed in one way or theother. At first, I could not handle phone calls, while at the sametime guide in a client. Learning how to run satisfactory errands wasnot only rewarding, but also gave me a positive response on the lineof front office administration. The feedback was able to mentionoverall professional steps I should take and offer comprehensiveadvice on various professional attributes that I should observe. Ihave the character of taking feedback in a positive manner as well as“professional criticism.” One of the key aspects that I haveadopted to gain full advantage of the feedback includes suitablelistening to any nature of the feedback given and get acquainted withit.

Fromthe delivered feedback, I now partake to join an institution tosharpen my skills for maximum performance. It is through thisfeedback that I learned to take critics positively and use theopportunity to foresee my weakness. Comparatively, multitasking canbe engaged to achieve higher performance. First, as in my line ofduty, I managed to handle the client professionally, make theirbookings in time and respond to the incoming calls. Having learnedthese aspects by experience, it is my due duty to engage in a morechallenging professional event.

Consequently,incorporating more professional technical abilities have increased myperformance, especially becoming a strong leader. In fact, thefeedback has been an eye opener in that I can now improve from otherpeoples input. With significant contributions and ideas, I haveexcelled just because the small feedback triggered my thinking.Speaking to Alex, he mentioned various recruitment opportunities heldat DTC. He mentioned that Darden Club is a fast growing industry,focusing on business ventures, helping members enhance theirtechnological skills for them to merge with big and small firms.During my time of training in DTC, I came across qualifiedprofessors, like Alex Cowan, Jeanne Leidtka, and Ed Freeman not tomention they were my favorite. On this note, lecturers at the DardenTechnical Club are leaders in their respective fields and great teamplayers making lessons enjoyable. In a bid to advance my professionalskills, I engaged in my all-time passion taking classes in softwaredesign, IDEA, and creative capitalism. The students support club atDTC is excellent in offering ideal motivational support not tomention the close professional assistance they provide. From my sideI would recommend any aspiring student to join DTC and if possiblevisit the school engage with the students and see the conducivelearning environment.