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The personally thought inherent ability in multitasking is the basisfor which I received the most vitalprofessional feedback. Long before, I have been convincing myselfthat this is a gift that is God-sent and should benurtured. However, this view was overturnedby an experience that I will not forget easilyand the feedback that came with it. Well, I am a self-taught webdesigner, and I have beendedicated to it. I was developing a website for a localchurch, and at the same time, I had toupdate one for my local soccer team. It failed since I provided apoor design for my team with wordswritten in white color on a white background, at the same time, thechurch website missed some aspects of biblical verses I was toinclude. The human resource manager of the team was disappointed bythat design and wrote me a letter asking me to consider mymultitasking aspects since he overheard me brag about finishing thetwo projects simultaneously. He had also recommended anotherdesigner. It bruised my ego, but Iunderstood because the team needed a perfect site for the attractionof investors.

I am glad to mention that flexibility is a trait that God enrichedin me. Upon deliberating on the feedback, I incorporated therecommendations into practice because I believe procrastinationwastes time. I was lucky to receive a second chance atthe church asking me to redesign their website. I did it with utmostconcentration and whenever some thought of triggering anotheractivity came, I suppressed it. Multitasking was haunting me. Ipresented a superb piece to the church that they were reallyamazed. This project was an eye opener Irealized my mind lied to me about managing time by multitasking. Infact, handling a task at a time is the best means of time management,at least I now know. Another activity that I have done successfullyis studying. I used to study with myearphones on listening to music. However, Ihave seen that I concentrate and analyze the content more when theearphones are not on. I have effectivelyadapted to this new way of doing things by changing my disciplineapproach, and the philosophy of operation. I swore never to take anyfeedback for granted because it carries honest opinions about myways.

The feedback cemented my zeal to pursue a software designing course,and I think Darden could offer me this opportunity. I spoke to Alex,the student ambassador and Ester, the president of Darden Tech Club(DTC) and realized a common trend in their feedback, that they lovedthe software design classes. I developed an interestas well. I am in dire need of software design skills, industryknowledge, and mentorship. Gladly, they arereflected in the mission of DTC. Therefore,I will dedicate myself to gaining personal and professional skillsbecause I shall be in a place like home.