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DBQuestions Description

DBQuestions Description

#3Closing a Session

Groupclosure refers to the termination of the therapy process once thepurported goals have been met. The termination process is meaningfulwhen members are granted ample time to explore their feelings evokedby the inevitable transition. There should be agreement on thecessation between the members and the leader. For instance, it isgood to do the following (Corey, et al., 2014):

•Giveadequate notice to members on the termination date. It will assistthe participants in handling the unfinished business with others inthe group or themselves.

•Allowmembers to say goodbye, to give feedback, and share their reactions.It will enable them to express their emotions, feelings, andthoughts.

•Explorehow cultures impact members’ understandings and perceptions ofendings. For some cultures, endings are just interruptions but notpermanent realities.

•Reviewthe experience by getting what members learned in the sessions.


Structuringis an ongoing process that includes the specification of norms andprocedures in the group. It is accomplished during early phases ofthe team. Selecting and orienting members to the group methods setthe basis especially with members being from diversified cultures.Many members hold expectations and values which may make themdifficult to participate fully in the group. Adequate preparation ofthe participants increases the chances of a successful groupexperience. In the discussion, members establish their goals (Corey,et al., 2014).

Theleader’s theoretical orientation, membership population, and thetype of the group are some of the factors that determine the quantityand nature of structuring employed. At this stage, members aretypically confused about the expected behavior in the group and areanxious. Too little structuring inhibits spontaneity while overstructuring fosters dependent attitudes and behavior resulting tomembers who cannot take responsibility to find their direction.

#3A fear I have

Afear I have about being a group member is of self-disclosure (Corey,et al., 2014).I dread joining a group because I may be pressured to open up beforeI am ready to do so. I do not like being known to others so muchrather I like retaining my privacy. I am filled with inner guiltyevery time I do something wrong. Sometimes I can act or say somethingwithout exercising a second thought which makes shame and disloyaltyovercome me.

Tomaintain self-respect and avoid such saddening scenario, I opt to besilent and not to open up about my issues. Some of my past storiesare heart-breaking and cause trauma when spoken up. I dread beingjudged or labeled for who I am. I have to defend myself fromridicule. Being misunderstood and judged is an adverse outcome that Icannot stand.


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