Dear sir/ madam,

Dearsir/ madam,

Iam writing this letter out of myconcerns inteachingand testing methods of professor… in the physiology class.Irequest that you intervene and find asolution to the problem.At the beginning of the semester, the professor statedthat hewas going to evaluate our knowledge using tests and quizzes.

Heemphasizedthat the exam would focus on some of the chapters, PowerPoint slideswhich he was going to use in class and additional information givenby him in his lecture.

However,when we sat for the exams, Irealized that few questions werenot in the chapters, PowerPoint slides, ormentioned in hislecture. Even though he focused on some relevant material in class,they do not constitute to a significantpercentage of the testsand quizzes. In fact, what he has tackled in classcould onlyamount to 30% of the overall tests. I believe that he ignoresimportantreading material and does not conduct reviews as perthe requirements in thetests.

Additionally,I recently took a physiologytest. Few questions in this testcame from a chapter ahead other than what theprofessor told usto read. In fact, onequestion in last week’s quiz about,White Blood Cells, is in a chapter in thebook which we are yetto reach.

Iam also concerned about the language barrier between the students andtheprofessor. The professor has a heavy Taiwanese accent ofEnglish, and as aresult, most students find it hard understandwhatever he is teaching.Communication in class has been verytough because of the complication broughtby his accent.Sometimes students take the wrong notes because they did not get thecorrect pronunciation or did notget anything at all.&nbsp

Ibelieve that physiology is a seriouscourse that requires goodcommunication between the lecturer and the students.Iacknowledge the toughness of a physiology class and the vast amountsofinformation that need to be learnedwithin a shortperiod. I have tried studying on my own, but my grades arestilllower than I expect. In attended the SI supplementalinstruction given by Ms. ……,but she doesn’t’ knowenough to answers questions she just reads from her note.Theprofessor has made it more difficult for me and other classmates togetgood grades. The class has become stressful and frustratingbecause no oneknows how they should prepare for the tests. Lackof adequate material andproper tackling in class make me feelthat the tests do not reflect on theacademic abilities of allthe students.

Withall the due respect I ask you tointervene to ensure thatacademic excellence is attained. I request his methodofteaching be addressed so that we can resume active learning asusually andbuild our future.Additionally,manystudents suggest that a thorough review of the tests andquizzes should beconducted to verify the allegations. I believethat successful learningrequires the active participation ofeveryone and efficient communication andinterpersonal skills.To succeed, thepeople empowering each other should do so asrequired and contribute towardscreating a successful learningenvironment. The matters I addressed are familiar to my fellowstudents too, and please contact us through Blackboard. Thestudentsof physiology APK 4110 look upon you to take relevantaction to solve theircurrent situation.

Ifyou have any questions concerning oursituation, we will be veryprepared to answer. We appreciate you for taking thetime toreview my request.