Death of Tutankhamen


Deathof Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen was a young Egyptian ruler who died at 18 years of age.The reasons behind his premature death have become the subject ofintense speculation. In fact, the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tombinspired several theories seeking to explain the cause of his demise.Such mysteries owe to the fact that the king was highly protected andwell-fed.

Notably, Professor Albert Zink claimed that the young pharaoh dieddue to inherited complications (Buchanan, 2014). In many instances,archaeological excavations were used to describe cultural factors(Chambliss &amp Eglitis, 2016). Subsequently, scientists haveexamined Tutankhamen’s remains to derive possible explanations forhis death. Moreover, some British investigators claimed that themonarch succumbed to injuries sustained during a fatal chariot crash.The latter theory was based on several X-rays taken of Tutankhamen’sbody in 1968 (Williams, 2013). In particular, CT scans revealed thatthe king had experienced massive trauma. The gaping hole in his chestwas assumed to result from a powerful kick hurled by a stallion(Williams, 2013).

Notwithstanding, the most plausible theory for the king’s death isthat he succumbed to an inherited illness. Scientists conducted aground-breaking analysis of Tutankhamen’s genetic makeup.Consequently, it was discovered that his parents were fleshlysiblings (Buchanan, 2014). In this regard, Tutankhamen waspredisposed to several impairments. Furthermore, 130 walking stickswere found in the king’s tomb (Buchanan, 2014). This discoveryshows that Tutankhamen could not stand without external support. Infact, his partially clubbed feet meant that he could neither standnor ride on a chariot (Buchanan, 2014). Besides, scientists conductedan autopsy from virtual scans of the royal’s body injuries. Theinvestigation discovered that the majority of Tutankhamen’s skullfractures were caused after his demise (Buchanan, 2014). Therefore,the most plausible explanation is that the king died due to aninherited illness.

Indeed, the mystery of Tutankhamen’s demise has led to manytheories based on scientific methods. Although the monarch waspresumed to have died from a chariot crash, the most plausible theoryis that he succumbed to complications from an inherited illness.


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