Dental hygiene




Howdo you feel to contribute to be a dental hygiene profession?

Asa dental hygienist, I am proud to provide valuable dental health careservices to patients. I usually get a feeling of satisfaction when Ioffer effective treatment to patients. Interacting with people is themost enjoyable aspect of working as a dentist hygienist. I ensurepatients get the best health care service and establish a trustingrelationship that bolsters confidence. I have acquired a broad rangeof oral health care skills and knowledge thus respected andentrusted with the provision of oral health care services. I can workand provide assistance in diverse population groups such as children,disabled, and the elderly. The profession is flexible and offerspart-time and full-time employment hence able to balance lifestyleand career needs. There is a growing demand for dental hygienistthat translates to an increase in job opportunities in the future.

What’syour objective to be a dental hygienist?

Adental hygienist provides a broad range of services aimed at meetingoral health needs of patients. For instance, dental hygienist ensuresadequate screening procedures, ascertain oral health condition, andreview patient’s health history. I am also involved in counselingpatients on proper diet and its subsequent impact on oral condition.It is also my duty and responsibility to ensure that patients aretaught ways and strategies to maintain oral health. I take anddevelop dental radiographs, apply preventive materials such assealants, and remove plaque and calculus from the tooth’s surface.Finally, I have to carry out research studies to determine the needsof individual patients. I administer and provide the servicesmentioned above and many more in collaboration with a dentist toensure efficiency in the provision of oral health services.