Descriptive Narrative My Childhood Home

I could not believe it had been so many years since I last made avisit to my childhood home. I had an eerie feeling as I packed my bagand fueled the car for the eight-hour drive to the home. As I drovealong the winding roads and undulating hills, I could sense a feelingof anticipation in my heart. The weather on that Saturday morning wasbreathtaking. Apart from a few clouds that were scattered on thewestern horizon, the sky was azure. The shrubs and occasional talltrees that dotted the roadside made the view incrediblyawe-inspiring. My hometown has always been the perfect place forpeople to go for retirement. In essence, along the stretch of theroad near the beach are an array of cafes, shops, restaurants, andother vital establishments. The local shopping center hasimmaculately finished sidewalks, and one can enjoy a cup of coffee inmany of the shops on the numerous sunny and cloudless days.

While I was growing up, I learned that the butterfly season is shortand manifests mainly during summer (Prinzing 12). Therefore, I wasexcited because I knew I would witness the spectacular boom of thebutterflies in the countryside and run in the rain in the evening. Inmost cases, the sunny summer days are accompanied by light showers inthe evenings (Mason 9). In this regard, I knew my weekend escape tomy countryside home would be filled with endless fun and pure thrill.As I approached the final bend to the home, the splendor that awaitedme was indescribable. Indeed, the area had changed fundamentally butthe tall bougainvillea trees that lined the old dirty road were stillthere. The birds were chirruping in the trees as I approached thegate and prepared for what I knew would be an unforgettableexperience.

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