Devereaux-Dering Group



  1. What factors do you think are affecting this team’s cohesiveness? Explain. 

Consideringthe ways this team met success it is evident enough something waswrong with its cohesiveness. The factors that affect the team’scohesion, therefore, include individualism, lack of teamwork amongmembers and fear of confronting Fitzgerald.

Theaspect of individualism is seen from Fitzgerald having a successfultrack record but no respect for differing opinions. Green sees him atthe office late at night working on the project without consultingfellow team members hence showing lack of teamwork. No one can standup and address their concern to him. It can be seen since KurtLansing has not been informed about this issues despite being theteam leader while some workers are still praising the good workFitzgerald has done (Daft2014).

  1. If you were the team leader, what could you do to bring Fitzgerald into the team more and foster better relationships among the team members?

Thebest solution to Fitzgerald problem is more of a social issue asopposed to a personal one. Given a chance as the team leader l willexploit the benefits of the situation on hand to help improve therelationship between Fitzgerald and the other team members. Theprocess will be through celebrating the success by giving them a teamtrip that will involve one working day to help know how to deal withthe new situation. Through this tour, there will be improvedunderstanding and therefore a good relationship among them. Relaxingand spending time away from the job environment will play as animportant part of developing the relationship between team membersand therefore bringing Fitzgerald into the team more.

  1. As a team member, what would you do? Should the three members of the team con-front Fitzgerald with their concerns? Should they inform Kurt Lansing? Explain your answers.

Ibelieve Fitzgerald as a team player will prove beneficial to all theefforts of an organization. Despite the fact that he has an ego andan aggressive personality l will look for the best way and the rightmoment to talk to him about this matter. It will also be helpful incase they addressed their concern to Fitzgerald. However, they shouldconsider his personality and use the sandwich approach when talkingto him, in that they acknowledge his efforts and tell him it wouldhave been better when they were involved.To maintain some teamworktelling Kurt Lansing is not necessarily a good idea. However, ifFitzgerald does not change his ways, they should consider tellingKurt about the issue.


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