Diane and Matt`s blended family



Dianeand Matt’s blended family

Establishinga sustainable relationship with your family demands much efforts. Thedevelopment of the relationship can be fun, but when it comes to themaintenance process requires much dedication and understanding fromparents and guardians. Diane’s new relationship is affecting howGracie is behaving. In most instance, a new partner may lack ways ofcreating a link between him or her and the child. Therefore, thissituation can lead to divergence which may lead to familyfragmentation. It is crucial to understand one’s role in blending afamily whereby one can be a step-parent or someone close. Importantlyto understand, the relationship may be accompanied with discreditingof opinion and authority, but it is essential to adapt.

Theterm that can be used to describe Gracie’s behavior is profanity orvulgar language. Gracie’s conduct is of great concern her motheris shocked by how a young child like her can be so vulgar. From apsychological perspective, a child is meant to live young. Therefore,the parent is only supposed to understand the behavior of the child.There are different approaches that one can apply to determinebehaviors such as functional domains in child development in languageacquisition. A child’s development in language skills isaccompanied by several signs of progress in practical skills.Psychologist have not fully addressed the emergence of the context ofthis behavior by the children.

LevVygotsky is one of the renowned Soviet psychologists and through histime, he conducted many research on cognitive functions of anindividual. Culture and experience to certain magnitude influencesomeone’s mindset in determining the kind of message beingconveyed. According to him parents are responsible for the behaviorof their children this is based on how he was brought. What the childspeaks, is always imitative from what the parents say. The child willimitate what the parent does and says (p. 291-296).

Parentingis a very complex activity, but it is essential to measure how kidsconduct themselves. Most parents are misguided by severalmisconceptions on how to raise their children. Some parents opt forthe use of sound leading strategies thus poorly bringing up theirchildren. In the case of Gracie, there are many ways that the parentscan apply to help her acquire better language skills. There are manytechniques that have been tried by parents and yielded positiveresults. First, reading several books can improve her languagethrough making Gracie write down proper grammatical sentences.Moreover, school programs like singing and dancing will help Gracielearn better language skills (p. 295).

Parentsalone cannot do enough in shaping the behavior of their children.Friends and siblings can also play a role. Amy and Lori are elders toGracie, and they can train her what is good and what is bad throughthem using the right communication words and avoiding swearing.Influencing her can also be of impact, letting her read and writecorrectly vulgar free grammatical sentences will help a lot.

Publicsituations are hard to handle when your child goes coarse. In mostcases, parents lack appropriate techniques to deal with situations ofthis kind. It would be the best thing to do of taking away thechildren from a public situation involving vulgar exchanging. Ifseparating them will not aid much, consider taking them home and lockthem away for them to settle down.