Difference Type 1and Type2 Diabetes and How Can They Be Avoided

DifferenceType 1and Type2 Diabetes and How Can They Be Avoided

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Accordingto this paper, diabetes is the most disorder. The authors state thatDiabetes 1 is insulin – dependent while on the other hand Diabetes2 is non-insulin dependent. The two can be treated.

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Accordingto this article, Diabetes,one symptom starts at childhood while. Onthe other hand, Diabetes2 symptoms are not easy to identify beforemedication [ CITATION Web161 l 1033 ].

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Inthis paper, the author gives the difference between Diabetes 1 and 2in the following manner: Diabetes 1 is associated with the aggregateamount of ketone during diagnosis. While, diabetes 2 is characterizedby cholesterol and high blood pressure during diagnosis

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Accordingto this paper, the body generate little or no insulin because ofhealthy immune system hence one has to take insulin every to preventit. On the other hand, diabetes 2, one’s body avoids the insulin itgenerates from functioning right.

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Inthis paper diabetes, 1 affects mostly children. While diabetes 2affects mostly adult people, The Web.

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Inthis paper, type 1 diabetes is autoimmune situation immune systemfaultily recognizes and attacks pancreatic cells that generateinsulin, thus contributing to no insulin or little production.Whereas type 2 diabetes the body produce insulin that is notsufficient

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Accordingto this article, one cannot prevent diabetes 1while diabetes 2 ispostponable as a result of another lifestyle, for instance, eatingsensibly [ CITATION Chr16 l 1033 ].


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