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Asa student, I have to adhere to high learning standards and excel instudies while maintaining a healthy relationship between otherstudents and teachers. I am going to discuss the terms vanquisher,unrelenting, and eschew and how they describe my personality in alearning perspective.


Theattached photo shows a cat in front of a mirror, but what the catsees is a lion. The picture exemplifies how I perceive mycapabilities as a student[CITATION Har131 p 146 l 1033 ].As the king of the jungle, the lion commands respect from otheranimals. I always approach my problems with confidence and vigoraiming to emerge victorious, like the lion. There is always asolution to every problem, and as a student, all I have to do is tobelieve in myself that everything is possible.


Iam always unrelenting and determined when I set learning my goals andobjectives. Like the rule of the jungle that states, “Survival ofthe fittest,” the lion overcomes all challenges to emerge thevictor, thus securing its survival. I have established a culture offollowing a defined strategy in accomplishing my goals[CITATION Har131 p 75 l 1033 ].Despite different hurdles on the success path, I always press on tillthe end of the journey to ensure I achieve or even exceed myexpectations.


Thereare many distractions on the road to success such as peer pressure,bad company, procrastination, and laziness. I always try my best toavoid any negative influence on my course of learning, to avoidswaying away from the target goal. A bad company always taints goodhabits. Therefore, it is vital to stay focused on the primary purposeand shun bad behaviors that tend to degrade learning potential andstrength.


Harrington, Christine . Student Success in College: Doing What Works! Boston: Cengage Learning, 2013.