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Nursesneed to understand the Watson’s human caring theory to enable themto become supportive of the growth of nursing scholars astranspersonal-caring persons. An elaborate elucidation of this theorywill help nurse educators and nurses understand the caring instant ofWatson where the compassionate of the nurses backs a reciprocallyfashioned surrounding for curing. In her commentary entitled,“Watson’sHuman Caring Theory”Clark (2016) suggests that the transpersonal human compassionatehistory by Watson as founded in transpersonal thinking offers nursesas well as educators an underpinning to construct their comprehensionof the nature of transpersonal human caring awareness. It is evidentthat the clinical locations are usually demanding for the scholarsgiven that they are required to transition from being parallelvehemence victims to capturing the firsthand and, in most cases,hostile scientific expertise. Nonetheless, these surroundings areknown to offer the chance for the students to learn as well aspropagate in their knowledge of realizing caring capabilities.Therefore, if nursing educators care about their students and futurenurses and they aspire to be the right promoters of the remedialperspective of caring, then they should trail their calling in thedirection of healing as well as care and incline to back learners inunderstanding the way to interrelate with others via transpersonalprocedures. In order to ratify the Watson’s theory, some of thenecessary things that need to be done include creating thecaring-healing spaces as well as supporting students to learn aboutthe transpersonal states. I hold the thought that this article isintegral to learn about caring, which forms a fundamental part of thenursing profession.


Doyou think that the Watson’s human caring theory offers a way toteach nurses caring?

Howintegral are the nurse educators in the teaching of the nursing careconcept?


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