Discussion Forum 3

DiscussionForum 3

DiscussionForum 3

Preparation for a talk is decisive in ensuring an efficient deliveryconcerning the intended topic. In forum 3, I plan to present a shorttalk on the screening for colorectal and prostate cancers, which havebecome serious health issues of the 21stcentury according to Lepore et al. (2016). This article aims to givepreliminary information based on the key concepts, appropriateteaching materials, and the possible question areas to address duringthe discussion.


Thekey concepts that I have prepared for the screening of colorectal andprostate cancers include: risk factors, primary defining attributesof the disease, prevalence rates of the illness in the society, thesignificance of the screening, and control measures against thedisease. That information will assist the audience to assess the needfor undertaking cancer screening. That, therefore, allows theaudience to make an informed decision on the screening phenomena.

AppropriateTeaching Materials

Forexcellent delivery on the topic of screening for colorectal andprostate cancers, teaching aids are prerequisites. Several rightlearning materials that may be useful are as follow. First, the useof an audio-visual gadget that explains the screening process will beobserved. Second, I will use charts and boards to assist in theexplanation of the major ideas charts will give graphicpresentations with regards to testing. Third, I will utilize a rulerto point at the information on the charts and video to facilitateeasy viewing by the listeners.

Questionsand Answers

Iwill give an opportunity to the audience to ask questions. Afterthat, I will systematically and professionally respond to theinquiries. A possible question that the public may ask is: What arethe risk factors for not carrying out the screening for colorectaland prostate cancers?


From the above considerations, it is pertinent that preparation isessential for an efficient content delivery in a talk. That includesstating the key concepts with regards to the topic, putting in placethe appropriate teaching aids and being witty enough to answerinquiries posted by the audience.


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