Dracula Variations 2


DraculaVariations 2

DraculaVariations 2


Vampiresinterrupt the way of existence of the living, and they are real asthey subsist in this life and the next. Harker stands out atDracula`s castle whereby he is welcomed into the house but noticessome unusual coldness in the hands of Dracula. While they are takingsupper, Harker notices some weird characteristics in Dracularesembling those of a vampire. The characteristics of a vampire areapparent in Dracula`s appearance and behavior, which worries Harker.Illustratively, while Harker is shaving, he does not see Dracula inthe mirror.

Themajor points in this chapter include loneliness whereby Harker isleft all alone in Dracula`s house where he realizes that there was noone in the house. Next, there is the prevalence of evil spiritswhereby the town of Transylvanian is marred by invasion from evilforces from the Black Sea. Lastly, there is secrecy whereby Harkernotices that most rooms in the castle were locked. Moreover, Draculacould not admit that he was a vampire and Harker only noticed itthrough the weird appearances, behavior, and communication with thethree women that invaded him while asleep. Besides, Dracula referredto the spirits as ‘we’ as he recounts about the evil forces inthe town.

Question2- Article

&nbspTheVampire Comedy


Thearticle recounts on the necessary characteristics of vampirecomedies. According to the author, a vampire comedy has to fall undera particular category depending on the theme of the art. Film genreshave evolved over time due to the dynamism of the world of art withcontemporary types coming up in the recent years. In determining thegenre issues in a film, it is necessary to consider the proprietarynature of the film due to its commercial purpose. As such, genresserve multiple purposes in a film thus, they have to be wellarticulated.

Essentially,genre blending can enhance the fame of a film in a manner that it canaugment audience attraction. Comic plots should bring about humorwhile ensuring that they integrate the society in their themes. Bothcomic and horror films demonstrate a physical response in theirthemes thus, it is possible to incorporate horror characteristics incomedy. However, in a bid to ensure that the film is appealing, thehorror and comic themes ought to be blended properly, for instance, acomic plot with horror themes. In the recent past, there has been adecline in horror comedies.

Question3-Film Review

Titleof film: Loveat First Bite

Plotof the film:The plot of the film is a horror comedy that stares George Hamiltonas the main character where he features as Dracula. The film alsofeatures Richard Benjamin, Susan Saint James, Dick Shawn, and ArteJohnson. The movie recounts Dracula’s eviction from Transylvaniaafter his castle was nationalized. He transits to New York where hefinds his love Cindy by utilizing all means available.

Themeof the film: Themain theme in the movie is romance whereby Dracula had to bite Cindytwice to ensure that she became his and they try to elope afterCindy’s family discovers that Dracula was a vampire.

Howwas the “vampire” portrayed in this film: Thevampire is portrayed as determined whereby he ensures he bites Cindytwice and she finally falls in love with him.

Howdid society react to the “vampire?”:Vampires are disliked in the society whereby Cindy’s relatives tryto stop her from seeing Dracula after realizing he was a vampire.

Whatwere the characteristics of the slayer?:The slayer wassupernatural and determined to attain what they desired.

UnderlyingMessage: Thesociety fears vampires and could deploy any means to eliminate them.

Summary:As opposed to their supernatural appearance and behavior, vampires inthe movie depict the human character as shown whereby Dracula fallsin love with Cindy.