Drug Research


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Theinitial step in any research is the provision of an adequateintroduction to the research problem. This stage allows the reader toget a sense of the study topic and is a good orientation to thecontent of the research paper. The introduction contains the relevantbackground information that can capture the attention of the intendedaudience

Oneof the biggest assumptions and bias of the medicine industryconcerning the drug research is that the massive amounts of fundsinvested in aiding experiments in developing cures for diseases aredirected towards public health (Whoriskey,2012).In essence, they are hedged funds and often lead corporateinterferences and thus some dangerous consequences. A bias of thedrug industry is that the company leaders who wish to market theirdrugs can design a study, which makes their products to appear betterthan they are and when queries arise about the effects of the drugs,they can always state that further exploration is required.

Anothercommon assumption is that industry-funded investigations are disposedof because they lacked economic value or threatened the sales of thefirm. On the contrary, many types of research develop errors andhence need to be discarded (Whoriskey,2012).

Apersonal bias that customers have over drug industry that influenceresearch is that the investigations always come up with the bestalternatives and solutions to cure diseases. On the contrary, it hasbeen noted that several drugs have been released into the marketafter profound research only to cause harm to the patients. Anotherassumption is that the drugs have been adequately tested and alltheir effects documented. However, some effects are noticed longafter the use of the medicines.


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