Economic and Social History of the Americas

Economicand Social History of the Americas

Economicand Social History of the Americas

The Killing Zone:The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America is a factual textwritten by Stephen Rabe outlining the implications of the U.S policyin Latin America at the times of cold war. Rabe states that thechipping in into the cold war by the U.S early 1950s had deadlyhazards on the Latin citizens. The dangers included the catastrophicdeaths which resulted from the transfer of brutality from Chile tothe city of Guatemala. The movement was meant to counter the growinggroups which sought to be included in the share of politics andeconomy of the state. Rabe argues that despite the fact that theintervention of the U.S contributed to the end of cold war, the U.S’smain aim was to maintain its position as the controller of LatinAmerica and not to suppress communism in this state.

This text alsoanalyses Rabe’s view of the present relationship between LatinAmerica, and the U.S. Rabe reports that the U.S leaders like RonaldReagan paid no respect to the elected leaders of Latin America butinstead nurtured dictators who killed the citizens of Latin America.Also, it is evident from this text that the U.S influenced the formedLatin governments` participation in the Soviet Union.

Rabe as welldescribes how much the policies made by U.S affected the LatinAmerica citizens. The U.S policies accelerated racism and looked downupon the culture of the Latin people. Rabe denotes that violenceimplanted on active women in politics through an act of rape wasmeant to put the political atmosphere by the Latin security forcesloyal to the U.S astray.

Rabe concludeshis text by reflecting on the Actors of Latin America who createstruth commissions which are meant to condemn the violators of humanrights[CITATION STE11 l 1033 ]. Rabe however, argue that theseoffenders have gotten away with their defilements. The reason beingthe U.S is keen on taking care of the Soviet Specter undermining theLatin Americas’ human rights and freedom.


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