Education as a right


Educationas a right


Educationis a right


Throughthis research paper, an individual is in the position to know severalroles played by the education. This work clearly exemplifies the takeof education and how important it is. From this project the value theeducation plays in the society, gets to be put forth and the role ofeducation gets exhibited too. In the current world, there have beenmany instances of the role of education such as creativity andinnovation, and with this in mind education remains to be a powerfultool in creation and implementation of change. The work also explainswhether education is a right or a privilege and will expound on thefactors behind education being the center talk in humanity. The workpresented below is a masterpiece since it will not only demystifyeducation as the sole thing but also brings out education as the hopefor the future.

Therole of education in any society cannot get underestimated, and itseffects cannot get downplayed. Education remains to be a cornerstoneto any common setup that is destined to greatness and prosperity. Thefuture is essential, and the brainchild of the future is educationsince through it, the society gets enlightened. Through education,the society gets liberated, and it is from it that people’s livesget improved and made more comfortable.

Roleof education

Througheducation, equality gets achieved, and gender biases stopped due tothe sound mind and a sharp understanding of functions andresponsibilities in any social set up. Education in its essence doesnot cause any social mayhem but rather makes the society lookbeautiful. It is not expensive, and if regarded and given theobjectivity it deserves, it turns out to be a sole source of joy toan individual (Beiter, 2015). The manifestations of education as apillar of social freedom are many and have pounced itself from a verylong time. Education is made open and likable by all due to itsrelevance and positive effects on one`s life.

&quotThrougheducation, the society gets transformed, and the whole social fabricis made new to sustain and grow the community. Through education,there is social pillar and platforms for social justice andfreedom.&quot(In Williams, et al. 2016)

Educationis an important tool for the society that seeks sustainability,growth, and development. Looking at the past experiences and howhumanity relates, the determinant factor in the life of a person iseducation. A school in the history has been the center stage in manysocial set ups and still it is the essential ingredient in one`slife. It is with this note in mind that makes education a necessarytool and a very significant item in the life of an individual. Ittherefore, goes without saying that from education societies getuplifted and hope for the future is felt. Education is therefore nota privilege but a right that is entitled to anyone who seeksemancipation, liberation, and empowerment. (In Muller, et al. 2014)

Inthe recent times, education forms a great deal in ensuring peace andtranquility. Through education, people learn to live with others, andrelationships get improved and bettered. Education goes beyond theethnic enclaves to bring people together sowing seeds of happiness,trust, and transparency. It is going to school that one becomesindependent, self-reliant and vigorous enough to stand tall and be anasset to the society. Failure to attend to education results intofailure to progress in life that translates into the inability tosustain oneself. An educated Society is the brain child of the futureand with proper education, the social pillars that transform comeforth and help restore the broken social elements. Education is aright that gets bestowed upon all for the good of the whole societyand improvement in the social composition. (Beiter, et al. 2015)

Legislatively,education gets to be given the priority due to its invaluable roleand its endless benefits. It is only wise and prudent to note that aneducated generation is that generation that clearly understands andcome to terms with social values and norms. It is through educationthat the society gets made and constituted. With rationality to growand thrive in any given social set up, there must be boundarieswithin which education gets given priority. Through education, peopleget to understand fast enough, and people tend to make properdecisions that not only affect them also the society at all. (InWilliams, 2016)

Educationas a fundamental ingredient

Througheducation, a given community gets streamline regarding its managementand execution. Proper implementation leads to practicaltransformational agenda that helps the society attain its futuregrowth. It is through education that wise and prudent measures getmade and realized. Instances include when a community does notembrace education as a social pillar hence filled with social vicesand misfortunes. Setbacks including sorcery accusations and vicesinclude embezzlement of funds and corrupt deals that only createmisery and bring down an economy. ( Hofstede, et al. 2014)

Thegovernment is keen to ensure all household get educated even if it isthe primary education only. One of the approaches some of thegovernments have come up with to enhance every person in the societyto acquire the education is insisting that learning institutionsshould not skyrocket the fees and make learning exercise expensive tomeet. It is fundamental for anyone to get subjected to some educationeither formally or casually so that there gets to be a socialliberation, empowerment, and emancipation. When the society getseducated, there are no increased mortality rates and there are nopremature misfortunes including abortions and wars. The communitygets set free from the fates since they understand among people,respects for others properties and hence there is no false ornegative thoughts that would rather kill or destroy a society. In theeveryday world made of very new ideas, the people need to geteducated so that there is conformity with the current situations andeventualities as well as the current trends and emerging issues.

&quotPropereducation is the source of better and efficient socialtransformation, and this helps to change to social set up for thebetter. It is an excellent ingredient for social justice and clearunderstanding of the social trends.&quot(In Muller, 2014)

Educationis a fundamental right and not just a privilege since the rate atwhich human liberation is needed high. Rescuing the world means tomake people go to school and learn how o articulates issues and howto respond to situations. Going to schools equals mental freedom thatresults into an expanded brain hence mental capacitation. Such is aplus to the being of a person since it opens up one`s capability tothink and make proper decisions. Better decisions cause transitionand useful choices cause the world go round that make lifestylesbetter. Everyone dreams of a happy life full of achievements, comfortas well as quiet stay. Those are only achievable when there is propereducation, and the whole social fabric employs education as a singletool for liberation. It is the public good that the society getseducated so that the different issues can easily be solved.(Hofstede, 2014)

Fornormalcy of social safety, boosted economy to come forth, there mustbe education as a tool for social transformation. With the goodeducation, better economic policies get formulated and implemented,and as a result, the living standards of people get lifted. Thedomestication goes up, and the productivity gets heightened. Bettefactors of production get inputted, and better mechanizations get putin place to better yield. In such a case, the educated get the upperhand in offering such duties hence their daily needs get met.Education is a tool that cannot be assumed since even when it comesto faith and religion, education is still a useful tool andtransforms the whole agenda. (Beiter, 2015)


Tosum up is to note that education is not a privilege but a right sinceit changes a plan and makes an idea comes into play without any mess.It is through education that a typical set up gets configured andsocial rules made reasonable ad comfortable for a majority. Withregards to the sole role education plays, every individual has aresponsibility to get educated, and the government should placemeasures to help in learning. Education remains to be the essence ofany social standing and is the fundamental pillar of the socialframework. It is not by chance that people go to school schooling isitself the single mandate for a transformed society.


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