Goleman’sfilm is inclined in attesting the significance of emotions. The filmis scientifically researched with stand-alone sections, which enableit to be watched from different points. It emphasizes on the brain,reasons for problems, and the chemical treatments. It proves howvaluable emotional intelligence is, by having each chapter start withan actual life drama. These aim to emphasize the effect of theabsence of emotional intelligence. It shows the rise in emotionalproblems among people especially children. Hence, Goleman challengesschools to have emotional aptitudes taught from early ages.

Golemanpoints out that human beings have the emotional and rational mind inpart one. He terms them as warehouses for emotional memory, lack ofwhich, makes one lose the acknowledgment of feelings. That is,lacking an emotional and rational mind makes one unconcerned withhuman contact. The second part postulates that emotional intelligenceis more correlated to a successful life than the IQ. Additionally, itdiscusses the abandonment of emotions in psychology as science couldnot study it with accuracy. To succeed at work, other than the IQ,one requires knowing their emotions, manage them, motivatethemselves, realize other people’s emotions, and handlerelationships effectively. The third part discusses the applicationof emotional intelligence. For example, in marriage, emotionalproblems like criticizing an individual, and not their behavior leadsto failure. However, emotionally intelligent behavior like beingcalm, having excellent listening skills, and empathy leads to smoothrelationships. Concerning business, domineering managers curtailpersonal and team performance. On health matters, being hostileexposes one to high chances of heart attacks.

Thefourth part talks about parenting as pertains to the management ofthe emotions of a child, and its effect on the level of theiremotional intelligence. How a child learns at school is subject toseven crucial emotional intelligence elements includingcooperativeness, confidence, relatedness, self-control, curiosity,intentionality, and ability to communicate. The fifth section isconcerned about emotional literacy. Goleman mentions how the popularchildren have the upper hand in conveying their emotions as comparedto the less popular children. Therefore, he recommends that schoolsshould include in their curriculum emotional skills. A damagedemotional life leads to alcoholism, criminality, and academic failureamong kids who may have high intellect abilities.

Inconclusion, Goleman’s EmotionalIntelligenceFilm presents that emotional intelligence accounts for skills likeempathy, self-control, persistence, social competency ininterpersonal relations, and the capability to inspire oneself. Hesays that emotional IQ leads to greater success in relationships andwork than mental IQ.

Theconnections between IQ and EI

Thelink between IQ and EI is that both of them are a measure ofsomeone’s intelligence, and are directly correlated in determiningtheir ability to succeed at work and in their relationships. Theevolutionary psychology explaining emotional intelligence and thebrain is through the functioning of the amygdala. Information fromthe senses goes to the thalamus to be translated to brain languagethen passed to neocortex for processing. Thus, there is the rationalintelligence and an emotional memory free of the processing of theneocortex. This is the cause of emotional memories and impressionsone has never known. At birth, a child has an almost entirelydeveloped amygdala as compared to the neocortex. Consequently, earlybabyhood provides great emotional impress on the amygdala but lacksthe words and reasoning of the neocortex. The HPA axis andperformance are connected in that a more active HPA axis shown by adecline in diurnal, leads to superior physical performance in future.


Thevideo teaches that interpersonal communication is significant inone’s life. One requires it to be able to communicate at work, andtheir relationships. It emanates from emotional intelligence, whichshould be taught in schools to make a better society. Interpersonalcommunication helps eliminate the chances of occurrence of failedmarriages, poor health, and failed businesses.


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