Environment Issues



MemphisInternational Airport aims towards preserving and protecting theenvironment. In this airport, it is a mandatory obligation andresponsibility to all employees together with the tenants to ensurethat the environment within is conducive and healthy to allindividuals. As such, Memphis Airport has come up with acomprehensive and broad environmental platform and plan that helpsthe organization to mitigate impacts that come along as a result ofthe operations at the airport. The institution aims to promote decentsustainability practice, to downgrade environmental effects of theiractivities as well as help their partners do the same (MemphisInternational Airport, 2015). Airports have emerged as among the mainpollutants of the environment. Stakeholders should hasten the processof building environmental friendly airports.

Inmy opinion, the airport operator has pondered on all the aspect ofthe issues together with consideration of the NEPA process. As aresult, the engineers have apparently mitigated the impacts that mayresult with their operation as discussed in the next paragraph.

Tobegin with, the airport workers carry out their task in compliancewith the laid down Local laws, Federal, State, regulations togetherwith standards regarding environmental protection in the followingmanner: first, by providing means for self-monitoring to guaranteeamenability and also a continual improvement. Second, encouragingactive recycling process and surplus management process. Third,responding immediately and responsibly to fix conditions or incidentsthat may cause harm to the community safety, healthy, or environment.Fourth, by training employees and collaborating with tenants, soevery person gets to understand and comprehend their obligationstowards safe guiding the environment. Lastly, the organization doesbusiness with ecologically responsible salespersons (MemphisInternational Airport, 2015).

Wildlifeand airports

Inthe video wildlife biologist who works with Chicago Airline sharesthe concern of people regarding conservation of the wildlife togetherwith protecting the people flying in and outside the airport inconjunction with the aircraft. The big issue on Chicago airport isthe presence of birds that come to look for the habit. One of theways to save these birds is simply to trap and relocate them. Also,the program officials work closely with airport officials to ensurethat basins are being pumped to help create a home for some of theaquatic life. Third, they also ensure that grass is always at theproper height. They may also carry out wildlife exclusion by usingnet wire and confine the wildlife in a particular area far from theairport. They also remove areas that seem to attract wildlife to theairport for instance by cutting tall trees. Last but not least, theycollaborate with research centers, for example, National ResearchCenter in conducting studies regarding hazardous birds and animals inthe airport. Finally, they use 6 feet underground fence to helpprevent crawling wildlife from entering the airport (WildlifeService’s work at Chicago O`Hare, 2015).

Improperdesigning can draw animals to the airport hence creating wildlifehazards, on the other hand, proper landscaping can send away animals.Some of the plants give shelter or food for possibly dangerouswildlife hence they should be avoided, whereas other floras may repelthe wildlife. Habit deterrence is a major step towards creating anambiance around the airport that is not attractive to potentiallydangerous animals and birds (Federal Aviation Administration, 2016).

Airportplanning is a fundamental and plays an important responsibility inairports that are highly stricken with birds. Through proper airportplanning, they would have done away with some of the endangered birdsaround the airport. An appropriate plan of the airfield helps inrecognizing the potential land uses that are located either on ornear the airport site that has the culpability of attracting animalsand birds that can cause harm to people, aircraft and themselves aswell. By monitoring these land uses, bird raid hazard can besubstantially decreased (Federal Aviation Administration, 2016).

ReviewQuestion one

Apartfrom animals as an impact on aviation process other factors mayinclude climate, noise, air pollution and water use. I will delvedeep into the climatic issue (Mampara, 2014).

Thechange of months between winter and fall comes along with sudden newweather patterns that sometimes can lead to the shutdown of airportsforever. Add climate variation to the equation, together with thememorable two traveling holidays that occurs twice annually then itturns out more complicated than before for the airline companies tohope and adapt following the increasing gravity of winter weather(Mampara, 2014).

Stormsas a result of winter affect traveling families and friends the most.Some of these severe storms have had a real impact on the airlinecompanies in the country by compelling them to improve and alsoevaluate their belongings as well as their way of doing things inmuch comprehensive and detailed manner. The challenge is that some ofthe companies that operate airports are always thinking of gettingmoving target. Climate change in the world is leading tonever-before-seen whether variations yet few airports have doneresearch regarding this matter. (Mampara, 2014).

IfI would be the planner, then I would have put some factorsconsideration to help avoid this matter from turning out and becominga major issue. First, working together with some organizationincluding “Transportation Research Board’s Airport CooperativeResearch Program,” professionals and scientists to help come upwith screening tool that will help airports determine the dangers ofclimate change to their operations and also their assets. (Mampara,2014).

Throughserious background study, interpretation of past weather dataalongside airport surveys will give comprehensive information toairports authorities and make them understand how climate effects mayend up interfering with their airport`s operations. (Mampara, 2014). .

Lastly,through this tool, I would be in a position to define how seriouslythe assets would get destroyed due to weather-related events. Definedconsidering how specific assets fares under contemporary factors,some of the challenges may include terminal suffering as a result ofbuilding mold and moisture. (Mampara, 2014).

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Theamount of dollars used by the government of United States in a bid tocome up with Environment Protection Agency has yielded fruits.Although the body still has a lot to undertaken, the little they havedone is indispensable as far as environmental conservation isconcerned (Environmental Protection Agency, 2013).

Sincethe creation of Environmental Protection Agency on 2ndof December, 1970, the United States of America has attainedtremendous achievement in their pursuit of protecting the environmenttogether with public health. All over this period, the agency hasworked tirelessly to gain abatement of pollution and also precisecontrol of the environment, by monitoring conducting variousresearches, enforcement of laws and setting required an environmentalstandard for the country (Environmental Protection Agency, 2013).

Also,the body has been supporting and coordinating studies and alsoantipollution events by local governments and state, public groupsand privates, educational institutions and finally people at theprivate ground. It is worth noting that, the agency has supportedefforts from another side of federal agencies to enable assess theinfluence of their activities on nature (Environmental ProtectionAgency, 2013).

Aquick look at the institution’s accomplishments gives a detailed1970-1995 timeline on their progress regarding keeping theenvironment. The achievements are the product of their bold steps onissues that relate to clean water and air, pollution prevention,poisonous chemical reporting needs, waste materials managementregulation, international environmental cooperation, pesticidessafety, and last of all on the reinvention of environmental policies(Environmental Protection Agency, 2013).

Forinstance, according to their report, in 1995 more than a half ofUnited States of America urban locations with poor air during 1990now have good quality air and of good standards. Hence making the airunharmed to breathe for many people in the main cities like Detroitand San Francisco.

Moreover,1994, the body announces new rules for controlling pollution to helpreduce bad air from chemical industry by 90%. The action resulted inthe highest reduction in the toxic atmosphere in the country.

Finallyon my examples, with the help of this body, all Federal agenciescommence putting in use second hand along with recycled products ifpossible. Separately, EPA reports that reusing of dangerous wasteshad improved to 127% within a span of two years only since 1989(Environmental Protection Agency, 2013). It is fair to conclude thatEPA has done a lot and supported the government mandate on conservingthe environment.

ReviewQuestion three

Airportshave on many occasions considered as one of the primary sources ofanti-environmental events. Be it because of high energy consumptionwithin the airports, unbearable amount of air pollution generated bythe airplanes, or noise pollution that comes when planes land or takeoff, the system owned by the airports have recorded smallsustainability in all these areas. To ensure that the airport isenvironmentally friendly I would put into consideration the followingfactors.

Sustainableairports must have three essential objectives: prioritizing economicdevelopment and growth, producing social progress and finallylowering environmental impact. The terminal must be in a manner thatwill reduce emissions, eliminate visual and light pollution, lowernoise pollution, protect vegetation and wildlife and lastly reduceusage of resources for instance water, land and electricity. Also,coming up with a greener airport is a significant step towardsreducing environmental impact (Vij, 2016).

Reviewquestion four

Thepresence of dam around the airport has an impact on the operations ofthe airport. For instance, the dam will affect runway protectionzones, obstacle free zones, obstacle free locations, and runwayprotection zone. Secondly, the dam may enlarge approach minimums tothe runways. And lastly, transmitting frequency of the dam may affectnavigational facilities at the airport. Myconcern is the loss of current methods together with other influencesthat hinder utilization at the airport (Federal AviationAdministration, 2016).

Regulationthat affects my runaway is 49 CFR Part 77 &quotSafe, Efficient Useand Preservation of the Navigable Airspace.&quot As such any organization that intends to support any constructionmust notify the FAA administrator if the development taking placeexceeds 200 feet. On the other hand, any person who seems to fail inadhering to the laid down rule of FAR under part 77 should face CivilPenalty as directed in segment 902 of the Federal Aviation Act pf1958, as altered and respecting to 49 U.S.C. Section 46301”(Federal Aviation Administration, 2016).


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