Essay 1


Ihereby apply for the MPA following the interest that I have developedover time in this field that compelled me to further my studies. Itis clear that we need to take note of career development and this isone of the strategies that I have employed by advancing my knowledgein accounting. If I am awarded this golden chance to study in thecollege, it will be a significant step made towards achieving myambitions in this course.

Ihave some short-term goals to accomplish. Getting an admission in theA. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management is one of them as thisis the only way I will acquire the masters degree that I need. Beinga graduate of the University will give me the motivation to work hardtowards understanding the contents of the course in depth to avoidpossible refers that can prolong my stay in the school so that I willfinish the program in time. I will find an internship in one of thelargest companies in the state that handles large transactions thatare associated with accounting in every manner. Lastly, some laws andregulations have been set making it mandatory for the CPAs graduatesto have the MPA qualification. I will be eligible to get the CPAlicense that will make my services be internationally recognized asan accountant.

Onthe other hand, I have the long-term objectives that I would like toattain at the end of the period. I dream to own the largest businessthat handles a range of accounting practices. I will set up aconsulting agency where people come to inquire about the bestpractices that can be put in place at their firms to ensureelimination of errors and fraud that may lead to misuse of theirfunds resulting to losses.

Currently,I am working as a manager in the largest restaurant in my capitalcity where I also head the accounting and finance department. Myduties are extensive in the unit because I ensure that everythingruns in order as expected. I make sure that the inventory ismaintained by making new requests and keeping them at a favorablelevel where there are no surpluses or deficits. I am involved in thepreparation of the monthly budgets and also monitoring the company’sprofit and loss account and reporting the differences to the relevantauthorities. I also identify the areas which earn the company maximumprofits and invest more in them as well as those which account forthe losses and making the necessary recommendations to fix them.Following the large number of workers we have, I am involved in thepreparation of payrolls alongside other journals that are mandatory.I control the expenditures by avoiding all the unnecessary costs thatadd no value to the incomes we earn. I certify that we comply withthe tax authorities by filling the returns early to avoid possiblefines. Likewise, I assure that all the accounting reports areproduced following the international reporting standards that governour practices.

ThisMPA will play a critical role in ensuring that I widen my skillsconcerning this discipline by being efficient enough. It will help mebe transparent and accountable in all my undertakings that involvefinance. I will be in a position to employ the appropriate technologywhile executing my duties globally.