Essay 2 for Master of Professional Accountancy program

Essay2 for Master of Professional Accountancy program

Oneof the important steps I have ever taken in my career line isenrolling my staff in an intensive training program. Initially, someof the details that mattered to the clients were overlooked the teammembers looked careless and uninterested. The employees used toarrive late at the workplace looking disorganized, and the way theypresented themselves to the clients was poor. Furthermore, they didnot treat the workplace in a professional manner to the extent thateven the meals that they served were of poor quality. Theseactivities led to low records of guests which raised my concern.

Trainingand Impact

Swiftaction was not only necessary at this stage but also compulsory tosave the restaurant from registering severe losses. The trainingprogram that I structured involved a plethora of things. It involvedsimple aspects like every member being responsible, embraceaccountability and act as a role model to each other. I made attemptsto show them the critical position they held in the entity. I clearlydemonstrated to them that their presentation directly affected theexperiences of the guests and the overall accomplishments of thefirm. I also included elements of communication skills, image andstress management concepts, organizational culture, trust buildingand adaptability skills.

Thetraining transformed the face of the organization. They staff becamecontented with the working environment due to the professionalinteraction that they had learned. The quality of servicessignificantly improved as and the business started recording anincrease in the number of visitors.


Fromexperience, I confirmed that management is not always about coming upwith budgets but establishing a team that is knowledgeable withessential traits. It is only through this that even the staff memberswill be able to appreciate your efforts and learn some new aspects.