Essay Project


Whychoosing Johns Hopkins

Ihave always been so curious to know what problems people around arefacing. In the course of my spare times on the weekends, I am usuallyinvolved in youth ministry and African dance as well as spend my timedoing community service at an Alzheimer and retirement homes. It canbe a daunting task having to juggle between the programs, however,given the fact that I am devoted and ardent about working andinteracting with people, this can be a very fulfilling job,especially when seeing patients put a smile on their faces. Tracingback at my life, I can only perceive the different periods as stagesof growth that have helped me to deeply understand my self-potentialsand the direction that my life would take. I believe that I havelived profoundly and can only wish to apply the lessons learned towhat I would consider as my true calling. This is the period todiscover the captivating world of medicine and to make this dreambecome a reality. I possess a sound background in the sciencesnecessary to warrant achievement in my profession, and I alsoconsider myself as a people`s person. During my last summer, I had agreat opportunity to travel to Nigeria where most of my descendantslived, and I was able to learn a lot about farming and hunting. Ialso had the chance to go on Christian camping. These experiences, Ibelieve, has shaped my character for the better as I was able to meetnew people and engage in conversations about different subjects. Aspeople disclosed their personal issues to me, this taught me tobecome a better communicator and a good listener.

Givenan opportunity to study medicine at Johns Hopkins University, I dobelieve that I will strive to be a valuable resource to their MedicalSchool by devoting all my time and life to becoming a competent andrespected physician. My greatest passion is to become an excellentdoctor in Nigeria and to help shape the country’s political systemfor the better. The career in medicine provides me with a uniqueopportunity to express my abilities while promoting and advancinghuman life (Derke 1). I have come to understand that the practice ofmedicine deals with a broad scope of proficiencies that is consideredunbearable to treasure in any other course. Each day comes withdifferent clients with different needs. This has been a great choicefor physicians who strive to understand and deliver quality servicesto improve the lives of patients in their care (Derke 1). This servesto offer a meaningful career that is prestigious, secure, and alsopays well. However, working as a physician tends to be difficult,demanding, exasperating and rigid. This makes it not to be suitablefor everyone especially if one lacks the passion and commitment topractice medicine. The dilemma that most physicians face has alwaysbeen intriguing. They do their best to deliver excellent health careservices as possible, even when controlled with limited resourcese.g. when finances are inadequate. These challenges create hugepressures on physicians, yet, they persevere to work for longer hoursin clinics and hospitals offering efficient care (Derke 1). Beingaware of the long hours they have to endure at work and thedifficulties they face, I can comfortably say that medicine is mycareer of passion given the unique satisfaction it offers i.e. therewards of helping and ensuring the safety of a sick person. I willundertake the course, eager to learn and thirst for more knowledge tohelp others. Securing an admission at Johns Hopkins University willbe one of my greatest achievements and reward for my motivation andpersistence for growth and success. I am prepared to be challengedand swear to uphold positivity and what is expected in a physician topromote the advancement of medicine and humankind.


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