Ethnography Paper

Questionsabout experiences

  1. Could you tell me about some of your experiences?

  2. Could you tell how you operate your daily routine?

  3. Is your job highly or less demanding?

  4. Could you tell me how you made friends with people in (country)/at school/at work?

  5. Could you describe a team or club activity that you enjoyed?

  6. Could you describe some place(s) you visited in (country)?

  7. Could you describe some activities you did with your host family?

  8. Could you tell me about what you did on holidays/vacations?

  9. Could you tell me about what you did on weekends/in your free time?

  10. Could you describe one of your most interesting experiences?

  11. Could you describe one of your most challenging experiences and explain how you dealt with it?

  12. How would you refer to your host parents?

  13. Could you tell me what you called your friends? Did you use nicknames?

  14. What are some idioms or expressions you learned?

  15. Do people in (country) speak with an accent? Can you give some examples?

  16. When you meet someone for the first time in (country), how do you greet him or her?

  17. What are some examples of other casual greetings?

  18. Could you tell me how you relate with your co-workers?

  19. Is job motivating?

  20. When you talked to someone at the language school/university/work, what did you call your teachers/classmates/co-workers/supervisor/boss? Did you use first or last names? Did you use titles:

  21. Could you describe an important holiday or festival?

  22. Could you explain the transportation system/educational system/monetary system?

  23. Could you describe your weekly schedule/school calendar/work schedule?

  24. If you got sick or had an accident, what would you do?

  25. Who would you contact if you needed assistance (with the language, etc.)?

EthnographyEssay of Elena at Linda’s Cafe

Miss Elena, reported that become my boss had been a captivating jobsince he was a child. I matured up in a rural metropolis whereeveryone seemed to know each other. In my world, it was totallynormal to mention to neighbors as members of my family. I was raisedto value hard work, kindness, and family. Over the years, thesemakings have sustained to be the overriding part of my life and aidedto lay the underpinning for my contribution in community development.

For this ethnography, Miss Elena wanted to observe a group that Ifelt contented with and established some of the makings Iappreciated. My grandparents had presented me to Linda’s café afew years ago. The small town feel and great client relationshiprecognized within the café interested to me, and I understood it waseasy to take the cooperation among the staff, and the servicesdelivered by the café, for granted.

For me to capture the real character of the group, I was hopeful toblend in so well that the staff disregards me. This shouldn’t be aproblematic during busy times, but I am antedating higher levels ofcommunication as the business day comes to an end.


Linda’s café is located in the small town in Rogers. Conferring tothe restaurant staff. Their chief mission is to deliver good food andfacilities to keep their loyal, and even customers are coming back(Elena). The restaurant was started by Linda Gorge and Linda Brady,who have been associates since they finish their concluding grade.George was observing for a business and asked Brady for help.Together, they begun the process of inaugural up a restaurant (Elena,Brady).

The café has been domestic owned and functioned since the day it washurled. It was a small business with few staff working at a time. Andlooking back, the café is pleased with their choice of location.

Observationand Analysis

I woke early on the days of my observation to make sure that I wouldarrive on time. Upon my entrance at the restaurant, Mariah, a mom andwaitperson in her mid-twenties with medium-length tinted, draw nearme and asked me? I tried to elucidate that I had talked to Daisy aweek earlier doing a surveillance of the paper. Separately, afterswapping a little bit with Mariah, the staff comfortable and carriedon. Their initial worries from my attendance were a sign that theyvalued their customer’s and prided themselves on their service.

Mariah was a courageous and straight-forward attendant. She took herjob extremely serving her clients was her mission, and she did notseem to have time for whatever else. Within the restaurant, customerswere the priority. Each one was seen as a unique individual and waswelcomed into Linda’s Café family with open arms.

Besides, before the staff was able to attach with customers, they hadto learn to interconnect and attach with each other to be a positiveteam. The family was well organized when they first opened Linda’s,but with a higher counter, beverage station nine tables, and onlyroom café and all these obligatory strong communication skills. Theystaff use both body and verbal linguistic to avoid crashes. The staffboldness also extended outside the restaurant and out of thecommunity. The entrance displayed small handmade items like soap,candles, and birdhouses for sale.


Walking onto my surveillance, it is quite clear that I was anxiousand cautious. However, I learned that when meeting with individualsfor the first time, I have to take the chief method to introducingmyself. I am easily pounced up into the short-lived and lose emphasison what is paramount. On the other hand, most of my expectations ofthe grouped permitted to be precise. Their jobs are much moremultifaceted that what they appeared to be on the surface. For thissmall town café, it is about providing excellent service andcreating strong bonds with customers.

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