Eventmanagement is the procedure through which a tournament, festival,competition et cetera is formulated, organized and produced.Competition is the primary aim of the many sessions of training andplanning. Competitions offer theopportunity to introduce the activity or game to new contestantsleading to an enhanced profile, facilitation, status, and fundingboth locally and abroad. At a sports event, there are a lot ofinterested groups to be satisfied, each with distinct motives. Thegroups include promoters, public, national federations, localauthorities, media, and sponsors. The different stakeholders gatherprogressively around the sports theater and its special power tofoster community pride and economic promise. However, it is equallysignificant not to forget the fact that the focus of any competitionis the sport itself comprising of the coaches, sportspeople, and thesupport teams who continue to be the traditional and original ownersof the sport. Lastly, it is important that any competition you desireto organize is an enhancement to the long-term growth plan for yourgame. On 5 November, I volunteered as an ASK ME and DirectionalAssistant, and my experience and the overall event management wasexcellent.

EventOverview and Purpose

CNOFinancial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon is the perfect marathon inthe fall for all marathoners from the beginners to the elite andprofessional athletes. This event has also hosted great Olympians,popular people and thousands of marathoners from Boston and beyond.The marathon is ranked among the 20 largest and best marathons in theUnited States. The event was held on 5, November and it brought focusto the monuments and distinctive features of Indianapolis togetherwith their historic neighborhood. The Indiana State Capitol was thestart and finish point of the event. The Indianapolis MonumentalMarathon is a non-profit event and has contributed and granted over$825,000 to sponsor local public education. Additionally, thismarathon performs the purpose of enlightening the youth on fitness,proper diet, and healthy living practices. The tickets have been soldout for the past four years in a row.


Thetarget audience of the marathon is the Indianapolis local community.The local community takes part in this event with a lot of enthusiasmand prestige because this marathon highlights the special featuresand landmarks of the area. Moreover, they come out in large numbers,enthusiastic to learn about healthy living and exercise as the raceweekend is preceded by a two-day conference dubbed “The MonumentalHealth and Fitness Expo” which took place at the Indiana ConventionCenter. Another focus group is the children because they had a kidfun run. This fun run is meant to ensure the children are not leftbehind in this run for a good cause and to entertain them further.Well-wishers who would love to run for fun and support a good causeare also targeted to increase attendance. Many people in The UnitedStates are philanthropic and will always come out in large numbers tocontribute to charity. This event provided the proper platform forthat and also an opportunity for fun and insight on healthy livingpractices. Another target group was the professional and eliterunners.

Organizationaland Staffing Arrangements

Therewere various tasks to be handled and services to be provided at thetournament. The event organizer has the responsibility of sourcing,training and managing the event staff (Masterman, 2014). Both at thepre-event organization and planning and during the event, theorganizer had to develop a management team. The training and planningwere significant to avoid leaving loopholes in the service provisionand administration of the event and ensure responsibilities werecommunicated comprehensively. The staff included the eventcontroller, safety officer, chief stewards, stewards, and volunteers.The event controller was tasked to this position with full power andcontrol of the competition’s operation. He was to ensure that thetournament is staffed competently and efficiently, the control,dissemination and coordination frameworks in place are adequate, andeffective safety measures are intact (Masterman, 2014).

Thesafety officer was responsible for providing coordination among allsafety personnel, for example, the emergency response team, thestewards, security staff and much more. The safety officer waspresent as the competition went on to oversee the security operationsand arrangements. He also ensured that before the official activitiesstarted, the equipment suppliers checked and tested the workabilityof their equipment. The chief stewards had the overall task tomonitor the stewards in the areas delegated to them (Masterman,2014). The stewards were on the ground to see and hear everything onbehalf of the event management team. The stewards were trained oneverything concerning the competition activities to ensure a smoothoperation.

Promotion,Advertisement, and Financial Arrangements

The event was well-promoted as seen from the amount of money,time and resources deployed. The title sponsor was the CNO FinancialGroup, and the presenting sponsor was the Franciscan Health and ApexBenefit. The other monumental sponsors included Mazda, Sam’s Club,Aquafina, Harding Poorman, Gatorade, Taylor’s Bakery, Dean’s andCarb Boom. The media sponsors were B 105.7 Soft Rock Radio, NUVO,and RTV6. Apart from the ticket sales, the marathon received fundingand resources from the entities named above. The promotion was doneon social media and the media partners also advertised the event.

Registration,Ticketing, and Waivers

The deadline for registration was 1, November at 2359hours.One could upgrade or downgrade his entry, although, the downgrade wasnon-refundable, they had to add payment for the upgrade. To honor themen and women that serve to safeguard our country, the eventorganizer allowed a 10% discount for the military and veteranstogether with their families. Anyone who sought to defer their entrywas to pay $20.00 deferral fee, whereas, those who wanted to transfertheir entry to another person were to pay $20.00 transfer fee aswell. By the day of the marathon, the tickets were sold out.


Indianapolis is a beautiful city with many great landmarks andsites. The marathon covered the city and gave the runners a feel ofIndiana while at it. The breathtaking experience added to theentertainment and ambiance of the event.


I had a great time volunteering at this well-organized event. Thetournaments organizer had a vast experience of his job, and thereforeI learned more than I could ever expect. It was interesting gettingto have a feel at the behind-the-scenes coordination of the eventthat I have attended for a few years now. Providing visitor, runners,and spectators with directional information was a major chance for meto help out for a good cause. Additionally, it was an opportunity forme to see how correctly and swiftly the safety team attended to aninjured kid since it is also one of my interests.

MyVolunteer Hours



0930hrs – 1030hrs

I was at the start line of the race at Washington Street where I helped the participants to find their course maps.

1030hrs – 1130hrs

I helped many visitors identify the landmarks and maps to the neighborhood facilities.

1130hrs – 1230hrs

I provided spectators who arrived late with their plans and assisted them in locating the courses.

1230hrs – 1330hrs

I helped the kids participating in the kids fun run to pick their packets and get to their course.

I also directed them to their favorite mascots at the 1/3 mile mark.

1330hrs – 1445hrs

As the race ended and the provision of food started at the finish line, I helped participants and attendants find their way around.

To sum up, for any event to be a success, a lot of time,energy and resources have to be deployed. The organization has to bedone proficiently to avoid any gaps for risks. The CNO MonumentalMarathon was well planned and managed because of the proper fundingand availability of strong partners. It was an event filled withenergy and entertainment. The organizers also incorporated variousactivities, for example, the Kids’ Fun Run and the expo todiversify and attract attendance.


Masterman, G. (2014). Strategic Sports Event Management: Third Edition. Chicago: Routledge.