Evidence-Based Practice in Aged Patients

Evidence-BasedPractice in Aged Patients

Evidence-BasedPractice in Aged Patients

Aprimary aspect of healthcare is ensuring quality patient outcomewhich is noted to enhance the reputation of medical facility. At thecenter of achieving this are nurses who are tasked with interactingwith all patients regardless of their diversity. To enhance theseprocedures, evidence-based practice is imperative to achieve aprofessional nursing practice. Aged patients remain a challenge todeal with thus the need to establish ardent strategies on how tointeract with them.

Inmy nursing practice, one of the most challenging groups to deal withas patients are the aged. My experience with them concludes thatthese individuals always demand special attention, respect and tendercare that is distinguished from the rest. This poses a challengesince nurses cannot pay special attention to the aged only yet thereare urgent situation presents such as those involving women andchildren. Interaction with these patients becomes a challengingaspect based on their preserved nature and strong culturalbackground. Other issues affiliated with them are that they getagitated fast which in most does not augur well with the nursesresulting in poor care. It is, therefore, essential to devisestrategies that can be used to avert this issue. As Hood (2014)suggest, it is essential to address client’s issues who in thiscase is the aged population.

Conductingan effective evidence-based practice begins by searching the databasefor information regarding the topic. This means that one must behaving searching words and phrases. This aids in proving that thetopic is valid and that is worth the research (Grove, Burns &ampGrey, 2014). Using CINAHL, a database resourceful for nursing andallied health journals, it is considered an effective research toolin providing sufficient information on various subjects. To searchfor my issue, key terms will include aged patients, culturalbackground and quality of care. It is important to use full texts andphrases. In this regard, some of the phrases I would use include“challenges of dealing with aged patients” and “relationshipand quality of care provided by nurses to aged patients.”


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