Evolution of Human Resource


Reaction to Discussion 1

A long time ago, humanresource used to be referred to as industrial relations. Today it iscalled human resource and probably it will change in the future.Human resource has indeed evolved in administrative terms due toseveral reasons, including the need to adapt to the new technology.The use of equipment has helped to facilitate the evolution of HRthrough simplicity in recruitment and retention. As mentioned in thearticle, the HR has evolved and it is now easy to conduct successfulrecruitment and retention programs for top talents. It is so becauseas whenever people are called for job interviews, the HR personnelensure that they ask goal oriented questions as a way of eliminatingunqualified people and remaining with the most talented candidates.Moreover, in the present Era, technological advances make selectionof the most skilled stress-free. For example, the sophisticatedsoftware algorithm is used to determine the best talent that matchesthe company`s requirements. Unlike the present, the 1970s was an erawhen HR did not concentrate on employee’s culture and theirwell-being.

Reaction to Discussion 2

Due to competition in themarket, organizations have to think quickly and make fast decisionsin order to outsmart others. Technology provides software which makesit easy for the HR to analyze required data necessary for the companyto compete with others. In the article, the most commonly usedsoftware programs include SAP HR, HRSOFT, and PEOPLESOFT. Suchsoftware can be crucial for hiring and recruitment purposes. As amodern norm, generation y is expecting a lot from the employers. Theemployers are forced to be up to date with the current technology.The HR’s new technology creates opportunities that suit Gen Y andmake them to deliver their best.