Execution of Murderers

Executionof Murderers

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Executionof Murderers

Beinga native of the “XXX” state, one of few nations that allow therelatives of homicide victims to attend the execution event of themurderers, it is my right to make a decision whether to attend suchan event or not. Many lives are lost to some uncouth practices suchas robbery with violence (White,2013),and these inhumane acts did not spare my brother. After receiving aletter informing me of the data of execution of the murderer and theright of availing, I decided to attend the event to witness the sharpedges of justice. Such an event may have some special effect on theindividual psychology as the relatives would perceive that thedeceased person`s soul may finally rest in peace since revenge hasbeen done (Nagin&amp Pepper, 2012).

Attendingthe event would let me witness the effects of being a wrongdoer inthe society and breaking the law through murder. Therefore, the eventis a crucial source of a moral lesson. It is a stern warning forindividuals to avoid criminal activities as they would lead todevastating consequences (Nagin&amp Pepper, 2012). I would not volunteer to be the executioner because I would feelguilty of killing an individual no matter how legal the situationappears. Being the executioner may have some devastating effects on aperson`s psychology than the viewers because there is a significantdifference between being the witness of an incident and being theperpetrator of the event (White,2013).It would be my first count of killing, making it seem easier toterminate life when confronted in the future than to observe thelegal procedures. I would prefer to silently witness the execution asI contemplate for the sake of my conscious.


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