Experience from my youth

Experiencefrom my youth

Theexperiences we go through during our childhood and youth ofteninfluence our future. The effect our past has on our life isundeniable. Childhood is a learning experience with many greatmemories. These memories shape us into whom we are today. Some ofthis memories can be very pleasing while others are very hurtful.Personally, I have experiences from my youth that are unforgettable.Living without technology was one of the major experiences I had whenI was a child that has affected me as an adult.


Ispent most of my childhood and youth in Cuba. It was a very peacefulenvironment. I spent most of my time playing with my friends. Thetypes of games we used to play then were very different from thosewhich children play today. There was minimal use of technology in thegames. For example, during those days, we would play games like hideand seek, jumping the rope, racing, and football. I liked climbingtrees to t highest top to pick fruits or just see what was below me. We used to fly kites. I always wanted to have the kite that flew thehighest. My friends and I would play with everything that came ourway Water, dust or even mud.

Ihad my best friend called Jessie. She was always there for when Ineeded her. We always played on the same team, shared our lunch atschool and walked together. Jessie had to move from Cuba while wewere at our sixth grade. She moved because her mother had found a jobin Florida. I felt like a part of me was leaving. I was verydisappointed that she had to go. I never thought I would ever have afriend like her again. I remember I had cried for nearly a wholenight before she left. I couldn`t eat or sleep. Since it was veryhard to communicate those days, I knew that there were very minimalchance for us to talk. The only way we could communicate was throughletters. When Jessie moved from Cuba, I thought of moving too. Ipromised myself that I would study abroad.

Iremember a day when I wrote a letter to Jessie. This letter was meantto replay another letter from her which had taken a month to get tome. Since this letter was written using ink, some parts had fadedaway due to moisture. I recently went through my stuff and found it.It looked so old and dusty. I looked at it and imagined how Skype hadchanged our lives. Communicating with my friend in my childhood wasvery hard. There was a time when I sent her a picture, but it did noteven get to her because she had changed her address. Compared totoday, children don’t have to cry a lot when a friend moves toanother place because they are sure they will catch up via Facebook,Twitter, and the rest.

Unlikein my childhood days, the current society has changed. For example,children nowadays prefer playing video games or other games on theircomputers and phones, and to an extent, this has affected how theyinteract with one another. In our childhood days in Cuba, becauseeverything was manual we used to ask each other for help, and thisstrengthened our friendship. I remember, I had very many friends frommy neighborhood. We would at times go for sleepovers, have birthdayparties and attend school together. We also had those childhoodfights over toys. However, we never lost anytime holding grudges. Weused to love one another like we were all sisters and brothers. Imiss the peace that we had among us I wish that adults would be likechildren.

Ican say that my childhood experience and the fact I rarely interactedwith technology influenced the person that I am today. First, Ilearned on how to cope with losing important things in life. Havingto stay away from my friend taught me how to relate to other peoplearound who might not be my friends. I also learned that I should notalways expect things to be the way I want them to be. The experiencealso taught me the need to appreciate technology. Today I stillcommunicate with Jessie even though we are apart. Communication isfaster today. Since she sometimes shared about how was like inFlorida, I got to know about the diversity and better opportunitieswere out there. Having a friend living far gave me the curiosity totravel to other places apart from Cuba.

Mostimportantly, my childhood taught me the importance of physicalactivities through the old games that we used to play. Nowadays,children are suffering from lifestyle diseases like obesity whichcould have easily been managed through regular exercises. It is avery common occurrence to see modern young children siting the wholeday glued to their Iphones and television. Additionally, no parentswants his or her child to walk to school anymore. There are schoolbuses used to carry their children. In the long run, the child’sbody grows very weak and unable to handle basic tasks. This weakenshis or her immune system and fat deposition in the body thusresulting in fatal conditions such as high blood pressure andchildhood obesity. As for my case, I learned that children must playto lead a normal life.


Additionally,as a young person, I was very curious about what happened around. Iwould ask my parents and relatives about everything. I wondered whypeople did things in a certain way. I still have mental pictures ofplaces and moments. I have grown to realize that people havedifferent reasons for some of their behaviors and deeds. For me, Ifocus on spending happy moments with friends, because it`s hard topredict where fate will place you tomorrow. All this lessons that Ilearned will likely shape how I relate and bring up my children.