remains the most popular SNS (social networking site), as itspopularity keeps increasing radically. The primary purpose of thesocial site is for people to communicate with their friends globally.One can send and receive messages, as well as update their statuses.Most of the users are between the age of 13 to 25, and theyare the group of individuals who can be influenced the most. Thosewho are above the age of 25 are not easily controlled hence, mostusers are a vulnerable lot who can be either negatively or positivelyinfluenced. It has become a very significant part of people’s dailylives because people spend a lot of time in it. People use it to passthe time, for communication purposes, as well as for informationsharing. Contrary to this, the more the technologies advance, themore the social networking sites are modified to be better. As such,positive effects may arise from this, not to mention negative ones aswell, especially for the people getting addicted. This essay aims atpresenting both the adverse effects as well as the positive aspectsof .


BusinessPractices and Personal Portfolio

has proved to be a platform where individuals take the initiative ofmarketing themselves. More specifically, it is a very smart venture,as opposed to old ways such as emailing one’s Curriculum Vitae(C.V) to the prospective employers. It is particularly advantageousfor the individuals who major in design or art, because of somefeatures. One of the features is that with just one click, it ispossible to upload one’s C.V to the social networking site andpresent himself as a qualified person to the firm in which they wantto work. This presents a better and easier chance for the companieswhich aim at employing people to search and find qualifiedindividuals who suit the job positions. Companies increase the valueof their brand in the sense that they can advertise them (Potter,ShouldYou Use for Networking).It aids companies to find new opportunities and clients as well. Mostof them have decided to stay up to date and are now using socialmedia to advertise themselves. They mostly make use of fans page, or Ads to promote their business. This method of advertisingaids them in targeting individuals of a particular age, interests,and geographical location, hence the ads are fully advertised andbecome very efficient in the long run. Potter acknowledges thatSocial media is by far the best advertising strategy, as compared toothers (Should You Use for Networking).

cover profile and timeline give an entirely different outlook in theway a person brands. The timeline cover enables a person to create afirst impression which is dramatic where one can portray to peoplewhat they want them to know about them. An individual using can use the social network platform as a portfolio, and it ispossible to make some updates public when this is strategically done(Mazman, and Yasemin 451). An example of how this can be achieved isif one wants the recognition from users as a businessexpert, then the privacy settings for posts related to business canbe made public and people will see an individual’s expertise henceconnect with them.

TrendingNews and Information

is an effective way of being up to date regarding any trending news,information concerning matters such as social and corporate eventsand so on. For instance, there was a social event dubbed &quotFashionNight Out&quot which occurred in the U.S. In , people gotall the information they needed about the activity, because thesocial event was widely shared on social media. It is worth to notethat the events cover all aspects of the world`s issues such asbusiness and celebrities and not only social activities (Barnett213). Celebrities have the chance to market themselves, for instancewhen they want to have a concert and need to pass information aboutit in social media. People learn all they want on matters regardingcosts, time, venue, featured celebrities and so on. It is quiteevident how makes people`s lives better and convenient aswell.

Educationand Social Platform

Atvariance to the fact that is addictive to individuals, itoffers a great platform where people can enjoy themselves. As opposedto people doing other atrocious things such as engaging in criminalactivities, they can spend time on because it has severalfeatures. More specifically, it contains several and gamingapplications which people can use and enjoy (Bard and Dawn 19). Thefeatures include stock analysis, horoscopes, photo editing and so on.In essence, such apps keep the minds of teenagers out of riskyendeavors and may even help to make them stay away from evil partiesor gang meet ups. Most scholars have acknowledged the fact thatparents prefer to see their kids addicted to , rather thansee them committing offenses, being in dangerous gangs or engaging inunderage sexual activities. can be used as an educationaltool because students can use it as an education platform. Forinstance, students can create a group where they can askquestions regarding the educational concerns they may have (Mazmanand Yasemin 448). In addition to this, they can create discussionforums where they can post, ask, and answer questions. Studying isknown to be more efficient when it is conducted in an environmentwhere there are study groups. In this context, it is better to studyas a group than do so as an individual, hence the groupsare a great idea for students who want to enhance their learningskills (Greene et al., 290).

as a social networking site is responsible for connecting billions ofpeople all over the world. There is likelihood that one would find aperson they share common hobbies and interests on and end updating or even marrying (Papp, Jennifer, and Crystal 86). Findingpartners in this way would omit the issue of incompatibility that isfamiliar with the traditional dating where one would date anotherperson through meeting a friend or in the workplace. There are manypeople in successful relationships which came about as a result ofmeeting on . This social networking site has also beenresponsible for bringing cultures together as through onelearns about other people`s cultures and races (Papp, Jennifer, andCrystal 86). As such, some of the people end up being interested inother culture and races, resulting in interracial dating.


Profanityand Addiction

Despitethe fact that promotes social activities among people in thereal world, it does not offer live communication with theindividuals. Therefore, some users will post content whichmay promote violence or profanity. This is a significant problembecause its potential to cause harm may escalate as more people areusing . Several teenagers newly join on a dailybasis, and there is a risk that they could learn about the profaneposts which are created by adults this translates to a generation ofpeople who are not morally upright, because, in the real world, theypractice whatever they see because they note that the adults are alsodoing the same practices.As opposed to people being addicted to because of valid reasons such as education, some users end up spending a lot of time there and gaining nothing.Scholars such as Greene et al., consider addiction to as adisorder which is pushed by a powerful urge (288). It becomes a callbecause using is seen as an experience which is pleasurable.Lack of browsing in makes the addicted individuals anxious,and they cannot function properly without it. Such people typicallyspend too much time on and gain nothing at the end of theday. Such people do not get enough time to practice other betteractivities such as learning, businesses, practicing the areas theyare talented in and so on. The symptoms which exhibit the traits ofbeing addicted to include sharing of secrets in the sites,constantly checking new updates or information, always adding newfriends, too much effort put into the creation of a perfect image onthe site, and lack of real-life social experience.

has its disadvantages also as its an avenue for accessing a lot ofinformation which include pornography. Individuals can accesspornographic materials ranging from videos to pictures. Accessingsuch material is a significant disadvantage to children and teenagersaccessing because it is impossible to limit the content thatis available to them. Access to pornographic materials in influences the lives of teenagers as they end up going to experimentwhat they came across with their peers or with anybody whether olderthan them or younger than them. Pornographic materials accessed on also play a major role in married people’s lives as itbrings about infidelity in the marriage. Partners end up looking forpeople they would cheat with on because their partner doesnot satisfy them or they have come up to like different things. Anexample is if a man in a relationship has come across pornographicmaterial on and has become disinterested in his wife anddoes not give her attention, she will most likely look for a personthat gives her attention and this would in most circumstances end upin cheating.

Promotionof Bullying, Violence, and Scams

Contraryto the fact that may serve as an information sharing tool,it may also act as a bullying tool. Cyberbullying constitutes to theuse of informatics to continually harass or harm other individualswith intent. Therefore, people use the social networking site wronglyby bullying others. More specifically, when the celebrities shareinformation on , people ruthlessly comment and get a chanceto say hateful things towards the particular media personality.Several studies conducted by Bard and Dawn show that cyberbullyingmay be among the leading causes for suicide cases, which are on therise (15). Additionally, the vice makes some affected celebrities tobe depressed and in the end lose the meaning of life, or startthinking that they are not good enough. As opposed to the conceptionthat violence is inborn, people acquire it by being wronglyinfluenced by peers, adults, or people in respectable positions.Hence, violence is not inherent in nature, mostly because parentsstrive to discipline their children since birth. As children grow up,they learn things from their environment, and may at times acquiresome unappealing traits along the way. In this light, the context maybe considered to be the social media sites such as , becausethat is where the young people learn most things from nowadays. Inthe media, has been on the forefront news regardingviolence. This also builds on addiction to , because for anindividual to engage in violent activities fuelled by , theyhave to be addicted first. For instance, a particular mother killedher baby because it was crying since it was hungry. Bard and Dawnexplain that she killed her baby because the baby was distracting heras she was browsing on (20). This incident clearly showsthat the mother was violent because of . Furthermore, anotherman murdered his wife just because she altered her relationshipstatus on . Despite the fact that such acts are rare, someaccidents happen when individuals are not attentive to whatever theyare doing, mostly because they have put all their attention on.

Thereare more than 1000 scams which solely target teenagers. The hackersor scammers first connect to the adolescents and pretend to be theiracquaintance or friend. They then steal information which they may,later on, use against the youth in different ways. The informationmay comprise of information regarding where the teenager goes toschool, their pictures and so on. Another way the scammers target theteenagers is by requesting them to go for dates, where they may robthem or even worse, kidnap them (Bard and Dawn 34). In suchinstances, the parents/guardians of the teenagers are asked for theransom to let the child go, and this drains the parents bothphysically and emotionally. In some instances, the scammers use fakeaccounts to lure the teenagers and may even pretend to be a bank,business or a successful company. This ensures that they gain trustfrom their targets because they are at a vulnerable stage where theydo not critically think that the accounts could be fake. Thescammers then ask for the target`s credit card or bank details, andthere is a high chance that the young adults give them informationwhich is highly sensitive. This information, if used the wrong way,could lead to a loss of money which could have been used for otheruseful endeavors. The scams not only target teenagers but adults aswell. For instance, there is an emergence of a group of scammers whocreate fake groups and pages, convincing people to apply forjob positions in the company. After this, they pick out theindividuals who seem to be the most desperate and tell them that theyshould go for interviews in particular locations because some jobpositions have been secured for them in the company (Barnett 245).When the said individuals go for the interviews, they are eitherrobbed or raped. Soon afterward, the scammers deactivate the groupsor pages they were using, so that they may have a chance to scamother unsuspecting people around the world. When the scammed peoplego to report on the scammers’ face group pages or groups, theymostly find the pages or groups to be nonexistent.


Asevident from above, is a one-stop shop for communication,entertainment, business advertisements, marketing, sharing ofinformation, education matters, and a social interaction site aswell. It is a platform where individuals can chat with one another,ask and answer questions, state ones’ views, make new friends andso on. On the other hand, it can pose negative impacts on anindividual. More specifically, it is known to be dangerous in that itis addictive, contains profane posts which include pornography,provides a bullying tool and promotes violence. Considering all thesefactors, is a tool which should be used with great caution.In general terms, the relationship which the world has with is bittersweet in that it has both positive and negative impacts uponthe people who use it. However, the relationship may be worse in theoncoming decades, if people donot tread carefully. It is quiteobvious that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages and as such,it is a useful tool which if correctly used, can bring rise topositive effects. People should be aware of all the negativepotential impacts and avoid them by only focusing on the positiveeffects.


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