Facial Numbness




Facialpain refers to the ache that affects the face. It is when the facialbones experience pain and swelling of surrounding tissues. Facialnumbnessisusually accompaniedby some tingly sensation that could be permanent or last for just awhile in the case where the numbness iscausedby sleeping in an uncomfortable position due to staying in the cold.Another cause of facial numbnessincludes pressure on the facial nerves, for example, when one holdstheir head ataparticularangle for a long time. Malnutrition can also cause facial numbnessespecially when the body lacks vitamin B12, Sodium, Calcium,and Potassium. Other causes of facial numbness include drugreactions, migraines, Bell’s palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, canceroustumors, stroke or Neuropathy where one loses facial sensation.Lately, this condition has been a major complaint in primary careaffecting children and adults. The write-up is an analysis of thecondition’ssigns and symptoms, physical findings and diagnostic testing.

Signsand Symptoms

Someof the most common signs and symptoms in an adult patient are rash,fever, cough, headache, abdominal pains, vomiting,and nausea. Children may experience swelling of tonsils, ear, throat,and nose, skin, speech and sleep symptoms. In adults, there may bejoint and muscle pains as well as problems with the digestive,urinary and respiratory systems. Women may have menstrual disorders,pregnancy,and menopause symptoms while men may experience hair loss and baldingand impotence(Breshears, 2015).


Diagnosistesting for facial numbness involves physical examination todetermine the general appearance, that is, abnormal posture and limbmovements and muscle wasting. Full blood tests and ESR are alsoconducted to determine levels of calcium, phosphate, Vitamin D andblood glucose among other components. Aurinetest is also astandarddiagnostic test for facial numbness (Diagnostic Tests for FacialNumbness, 2015, August 13).


Someof the physical findingsthat confirm the diagnosis include Bell’s palsy, swelling of thefacial tissues, a tingling sensation on the face, peripheralneuropathy and in cases where the facial pain and numbness iscausedby fractured bones of the face there may be signs or breakage on thevictim’s face.


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