Fall Prevention



I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter

Fallprevention is a precautionary step taken by health practitioners inan attempt to reduce dangers that are associated with patients’vulnerability to falling at various places (statement)

B. Credibility Material

Teachingplan provides a guide upon which the beneficiaries will be able torely on for the resourcefulness needed in inculcating knowledge basedapproach while dealing with falling cases (Redman, 2007). (Citation)

C. Preview of Main Points

Aproactive mechanism designed to alleviate dangers of falling amongthe elderly and to teach prospective victims is a necessity thatshould be developed and implemented.



A. Main Point 1

1.Thedisable people and the elderly population is a common occurrence invarious public places.

2.According to Redman (2007), the targeted group is largely the elderlyof ages about 65 years onwards and young adults and with aneducational level of below college degree Transition:

B. Main Point 2

Anumber of the senior citizens suffer from chronic ailments, which, totreat, would involve the partaking of a variety of medications.

  1. Claims: The interactive nature of the medicines consumed by the patients necessitate a platform for various undesirable side effects such as lightheadedness, confusion, stupor or postural hypotension, and thereby acting risk factors to lead to falls

  2. Neglected items and the failure to adhere to some the basic home-based safety mechanisms meant to ensure safety in the living places continue to be noted as a contributor to the hurts caused by falling


  1. It is vital that a plan is drawn towards the approaches meant to inculcate the relevant and practicable behaviors meant to reduce and manage the effects of falling

  2. Decisive factor: In various places where people are, including the hospitals where nursing students are trained to take care of the patients.

Thereference used was Redman,2007 10th Edition, ThePractice of Patient Education,Mosby Elsevier, St. Louis Missouri&nbsp